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Best Video Advertising Trends for 2023

Marketers are pushing their brand advertising with more creative video content to make a difference. Are you prepared to catch the video advertising trend?
Video Advertising

Nowadays, marketers are using short visual content to attract consumers. But the key to advertising lies in consistency and more engaging video content. Video advertisements are done through various digital platforms but social media video content consumption is at its peak. Organizations must focus on social media platforms to generate more revenue. 

For social media advertising, there is a need to assess a particular audience segment that likes to watch brand video content to get information about the product or services. Similarly, businesses need to optimize various trends and strategies to get an edge in the competitive market. 

Organizations must focus on short visual content for social media platforms to engage more customers to stand out in the crowded market.

According to Statista, around 3.1 bn viewers consume digital video content. Still, video advertising does not depend on visuals and cinematography only; it requires relevant text content to get more market attention. Organizations must focus on the target audience and use proper captions, titles, descriptions, tags, trending keywords, subtitles, thumbnails, and hashtags for their video advertisements. The allocation of an appropriate budget for video marketing, using multiple marketing platforms, and social media influencers are necessary to get more engaging content for the audience. Following are some of the best trending ideas for video advertising.

Trending Video Advertising Strategies

1. Social Media Video Advertising
Most consumption of video content is through social media. The user base of various social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other similar platforms is rising. The estimations and statistics showcase that brands are witnessing a rise in their revenues through the use of social media platforms.

2. Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos give a thorough explanation of the online store items that are featured in video advertising. The video and its description include all the product information, and its pop-up text includes a link to the e-commerce website. This is the most trending form of advertising content among millennials.

3. Live Video Streaming

Advertisers are catching up with the current trends and emphasizing on live streaming of advertising videos on various social media platforms. This helps in attracting a new consumer base. Consumers want brands to provide them with small tips and information about products through live-streaming videos. Additionally, live-streaming is opted for pitching sales products to create visual content more relatable to the consumer.

4. OTT Video Advertising

Over-the-top (OTT) platforms are seeing an increase in personalized content assisting marketers in reaching their target demographic. To better understand the psychology of the viewers, OTT is making certain data available to track the current trends. AI and bots are assisting marketers to pitch their brand videos to engage more customers.

5. Short Videos

Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube shorts, and Facebook videos are some of the best trending platforms for advertising, where marketers are pushing to attract a new consumer base and retain the old one too. It is easy for businesses to pitch their products to Gen-Zs who are interested in short videos.

Summing up

Advertisers use personalized visual content to reach and target their intended audience, pitching their products or services. Implement these trends in video marketing to maximize the value of your content. In branded content, influencer marketing through social media is a must to advance over competitors. Similarly, the use of search engine optimization for visual content is a must. Optimizing the data and creating an interactive video is crucial for better marketing of the products and services. In the future, video marketing will be even more crucial, and businesses that don’t go with the ongoing trends will fall behind. So get insights and incorporate some of these trends to ensure that your company’s advertising is ahead of your competitors.

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