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BID Manager Of Doubleclick Makes Digital Audio ADS Global

a steady growth in the investment in the digital audio advertising

With a steady growth in the investment in the digital audio advertising, Google’s Bid Manager is providing a great support for availing audio ads across several streaming services on a global scale. The company made this announcement recently specifying the fact that the advertisers can avail ad inventory without any hassle from Google Play Music, SoundCloud and Pandora as well.

The head of the programmatic department, Zuzanna Gierlinska got thrilled to visualize the Double Click’s attractive programmatic audio. She appalled about such a launch by mentioning the possibility of the customers of the Bid Manager to reach the wider audience of Spotify through audio and video formats.

The support by DoubleClick assists the advertisers in uploading mp3 audios in different lengths involving the versions of 15 and 30 seconds. An optional display image gets placed around the audio player of the publisher. The Bid Manager is utilizing the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) for serving the audio advertisements. The advertisers will not be able to utilize the third party tags of VAST but can add in a Universal Ad Id in it.

Audio completion rates, mute and pause rates, listening rates by quartile and several others are added in the reporting metrics. In the support pages of Google, they have clearly mentioned the costing expectations. The audio placement rates are a bit higher than the standard display impressions’ rate. Google also provides some useful recommendations regarding the setting up of CPM rates.

MightyHive, a programmatic firm has evaluated the digital audio ad through DBM for increasing a CPG client’s reach of a radio campaign for driving awareness. They opined that 7.5 million impressions with more than 7500 clicks across various media. If it doesn’t sound better, it might have excelled the reach of a normal banner campaign.

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