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Bloomreach announces next evolution of brX

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brX customers can now manage content, drive product and content discovery, and leverage AI-driven personalization and merchandising – all from within a single API-first solution.

Bloomreach today announced the next evolution of brX, its digital experience cloud. This marks a major breakthrough. brX is the first headless, software-as-a-service, API-first digital experience platform (DXP) available on the market. It enables businesses to optimize both their customer experience and their business outcomes across all their current and future digital touchpoints. brX combines content-as-a-service, rich personalization, KPI optimization, best-in-class product and content discovery and search, advanced merchandising capabilities, as well as industry leading digital channel management. This is all accomplished within one single business user interface and exposed via APIs to enable clients to leverage and integrate brX into any number of different customer experiences. The newest version of brX was announced at brConnect, the company’s annual digital experience conference that took place in Amsterdam today.

“A majority of businesses are stuck on expensive, inflexible legacy technology that holds them back from putting their investment and effort towards what’s really important: creating better customer experiences that drive sales and revenue,” said Bloomreach CEO and co-founder Raj De Datta. “Businesses today need a new breed of solution that enables them to adapt fast, differentiate, and drive a growing, profitable business. They need to move the needle by improving metrics like revenue per customer visit, gross margins, or inventory turn-over across channels. And of course this must be done with a cost-effective, scalable, sustainable solution that helps them leverage existing investments while unlocking the agility and flexibility they absolutely must have today and into the future. We are very excited to bring the result of our hard work and constant innovation to the market.”

Bloomreach has made significant investments in its APIs, it’s business user experience, and in its personalization and relevance engine to be able to support a wide variety of customer use cases. This includes Pathways, an innovative personalization solution that drives contextual, personalized, and curated merchandising and content experiences for its clients’ customers. Pathways enable business users to target a wide variety of customer experiences, such as a customer’s diet and occasion in grocery, packing-lists and suggestions by destination in retail and travel, or fitment and replacement in B2B or sku-intensive retail categories. Bloomreach has also developed multiple commerce accelerators to enable users to get started with brX on top of leading commerce platforms much faster.

“Businesses of all kinds are fast moving away from their legacy software suites to adopt a headless, API-first architecture that gives them the agility they need to act on changes in the market much, much faster than in the past,” said Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer at Bloomreach. “And in order to stay competitive they need to utilize the power of AI to both automate the routine tasks of running these channels, and to leverage their data to optimize the business while delivering better experiences. Bloomreach is uniquely able to deliver this based on years of innovation as a headless content and search solution provider, paired with significant investment in data-science and machine learning. That all comes together in brX, a truly differentiated solution in the market today.”

The brX digital experience cloud is API-first. It offers best-of-breed integration capabilities to commerce and marketing systems and includes fully headless delivery for agility and solution velocity. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for business optimization and personalization to drive positive business outcomes at scale, coupled with explicit curation and management to keep the business in full control of the customer experience. brX is built for the enterprise: with some of the world’s largest online businesses relying on the scaling, automation and security that Bloomreach has repeatedly proven in delivering for customers in complex business scenarios, across multiple channels, many business units and across the globe. Bloomreach can power any number of digital touchpoints, including websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, tablets, wearables, in-store/branch kiosks, voice interfaces, and connected digital experiences such as connected appliances and automobiles.

At brConnect Amsterdam, Bloomreach also announced that its industry-leading commerce search and merchandising solution, brSM, is now available in 26 languages.

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