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Blotout Announces New Partnership with Fastly

Blotout announces its partnership with Fastly to help marketers meaningfully improve the ROI of their Meta spend amidst today's challenging online advertising landscape.
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Blotout, a customer data platform that solves data loss and builds trust by capturing and activating customer data and putting it in the hands of enterprises, today announced its partnership with Fastly, the world’s fastest global network provider, with the goal of helping marketers meaningfully improve the ROI of their Meta spend amidst a challenging online advertising landscape.

Digital marketers are struggling to send signals back to their advertising channels because the tools they use are breaking as the browser ecosystem changes. Respecting privacy means always accounting for the consent and geography of a user. Unless handled correctly, these developments threaten return on investment (ROI) for marketing spend.

“We believe that with a privacy and compliance-by-design stack, marketers can still achieve their goals and reduce their exposure to the increasing cost of growth marketing in a cookieless world. At Blotout, that is the basis of our core technology stack, and, with Fastly, we have a partner that shares the same goal of enabling customers to execute at scale,” says Mandar Shinde, founder and CEO of Blotout.

EdgeTag works by building a customer CRM and lifetime ID graph at the Fastly edge using Fastly’s Compute@Edge serverless computing environment. This enables event transformation and calls using the Meta Conversions API that execute in under 2ms. EdgeTag is completely turnkey — there is no need for Dev Ops or data engineering expertise, and it respects user consent. Customers can establish a lifetime ID and enable the Meta Conversions API using their Fastly account, dropping the need for a cloud server. This lifetime ID can be shared with Meta (with user consent) to enable remarketing that improves Advanced Matching scores and ad spend performance.

By executing EdgeTag on Fastly’s Compute@Edge, customers gain access to Blotout’s patent-pending technology that transforms and replicates data at the edge with unmatched delivery performance. In most instances, EdgeTag improves Meta Event Match scores by 25-30%, leading to a 20-25% lift in return on ad spend. Growth marketers and PLG-focused product managers who spend greater than $500k annually on Meta have the most to gain, particularly for commerce and subscription companies.

“In a rapidly changing landscape, Blotout has made staying competitive simple. We couldn’t be more excited to have a partner that understands what our customers need to thrive in this new world,” said Emily Friedberg, Group Vice President, Global Partnerships at Fastly.

How to get started for free on a Fastly account

Customers sign up at, authenticate their Fastly account, and immediately realize their ROI by implementing the first-party tag using EdgeTag.

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