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Blue Pen Articles Digital Content Provider Adds New Features to Site

Blue Pen Articles has again improved companies’ access to top, affordable content by adding new features to its user-friendly, easily accessible site.
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Blue Pen Articles, a front-line digital provider of high-quality content writing services, has just upgraded its website to offer users an even more user-friendly environment. New features on the site include a “Company account.” Multi-level organizations can now save a lot of their time with their Multiple Account feature. Firms who have multiple users accessing the Blue Pen platform don’t need to have just a single user for all employees. They can now create a different account on the website for each user, and they can all use the same shared budget in the account.

Handpicked Writers
BluePen Articles offers quick and easy online access to hundreds of handpicked professional writers who are experts in a wide variety of fields in many industries. Content is available in multiple languages: English (US, UK, AUS), Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Arabic, Italian, French, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, and Japanese.

Placing these professionals within easy reach saves companies the time and effort of finding writers who understand their field and who are able to deliver original, content — content that has an impact and hits the target, helping them achieve their goals and reap the benefits.

To reach the writers, BluePen Articles has developed an easy-to-access, user-friendly site that only requires users to fill out a form indicating the topic they need content on, the word count, title, and other optional details (keywords, instructions). They can also upload examples or instructions if they choose to do so. The articles are delivered to the highest standards by writers from all over the world (U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, etc.) as quickly as possible — sometimes even within 24 hours. The time-frame is an essential part of digital marketing when time often means money.

Affordable Rates
Another corporate objective of BluePen is to provide customers with access to the best writers at an affordable price.

Yehonathan Lugassy, founder and CEO of Blue Pen, explains that the point of the company is to provide businesses with top content “without burning a hole in their pockets.” He adds, that “the pricing system of BluePen is designed so that companies of all sizes can afford top-level content and have the same opportunities as their competitors, no matter what their content requirements are. By leveling the playing field they can also maximize their potential to reach their target audience, build up a base of followers, drive sales, and flourish.” All prices are available at the website at

BluePen also launched a new app in the Wix App Market.

Content Requirements
BluePen is able to meet all writing requests from website pages, to blog posts, eBooks, white papers, press releases and much more. Each article is written by an expert in that field. Again, the focus on high quality and delivering the content required in the shortest amount of time possible. Topics covered include: SEO content, Locksmith articles, website content, cryptocurrency, blog posts, finance articles, hotels & resorts, sports articles, casino & gaming articles, email marketing, real estate, rewriting services, product reviews, news articles, editing services, travel, medical, social media posts, diet articles, essay services, internal marketing, lifestyle, scripts, sales pages, food, How-to articles, magazine articles, technology, relationships, entrepreneurship, automotive, fashion, B2B, and case studies.

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