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Blue Prism Takes Intelligent Automation to the Next Level

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New Digital Workforce Capabilities Deliver Greater Speed, Security and Usability While Being Optimized to Run on the Cloud

Designed to put the power of intelligent automation into the hands of more users, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today announced the availability of its latest connected-RPA offering (Enterprise V6.6). This latest release of Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce enables C-suite executives to automate more strategically and at scale, helping organizations respond, collaborate, share innovations and deploy new services.

The latest security, availability and usability features are easily accessible and downloadable (either on-premises or in the cloud), allowing organizations to achieve stronger business outcomes. Blue Prism is delivering an end-to-end automation platform, which includes access to digital workers from the cloud as well as its Digital Exchange (DX) marketplace.

Blue Prism’s DX works like an “app store” for intelligent automation, comprising of hundreds of applications accessible to customers, resellers and technology partners, available for quick download. Companies like ABBYY, Appian, Google and others have collaborated with Blue Prism to collectively post hundreds of assets, allowing partners to bring their capabilities to numerous industries via the DX. The DX currently offers more than 150 Google APIs, so users can add intelligent automation capabilities to their digital workers on the fly.

“For RPA to reach its full potential, simplifying how this technology is delivered, consumed and integrated with existing enterprise systems and standards must be front and center,” says Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President, Intelligent Process Automation at IDC. “This extends to supporting secure RPA cloud services and making it simple for end users to experiment, deploy and scale their automation projects.”

Easy Accessibility and Deployment Choices
To kick-start and help drive widespread RPA adoption, Blue Prism now offers free on-premises and cloud trials of its connected-RPA offering that includes government-level security support. For on-premises trials, a database setup wizard and simplified licensing, along with a “getting started tour” as part of v6.6, makes the first-time user experience faster, simpler and easier than ever.

The Cloud Trial on Azure has already been very successful for Blue Prism users and will also soon be available on other cloud environments, including AWS, Google, IBM and Oracle. With this new DX offering, users will not only have one-click access to Blue Prism’s Microsoft trial, but Google Cloud users will also have notably increased access to additional and easy to leverage functionalities.

Trials of v6.6 available to users include:

  • On-Premises Trial: For users new to Blue Prism who want to quickly evaluate the intelligent automation platform within their own IT environment.
  • Cloud Trial on Azure: For new and existing Blue Prism users, this trial is a quick-start deployment that delivers the full benefits of a Digital Workforce on Microsoft Azure. It offers users a single, fully functional Blue Prism instance on a virtual machine free of charge for the trial period; users need only pay for Azure cloud consumption.

FIPS Compliance & Higher Security
v6.6 is addressing the requirements of governments by making it easier for organizations to be FIPS compliant. FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) are a set of standards that describe document processing, encryption algorithms and other information technology standards for use within non-military government agencies and by government contractors and vendors who work with state and government agencies. FIPS compliance, along with the availability of Blue Prism as a FedRAMP compliant cloud service on Azure, makes it the ideal solution for government agencies.

More Productivity
Blue Prism’s Data Gateways now offer more functionality, enabling users to better manage how much data they generate with Blue Prism and how to best maintain the data. Enhancements cover three key areas:

  1. Data Gateways re-attempt: Information is retained and stored even when Data Gateways is unable to send data to an end point.
  2. Work queue analysis snapshots: Users can send work queue snapshots to external endpoints—alongside session logs, published dashboards and custom object data. This increases the data that can be used in external reporting tools and data storage systems.
  3. Database maintenance and archiving improvements: Parts of the session log archiving mechanism that transfers data between the server and client have been changed to split large data packets. This reduces the amount of information stored within the Blue Prism database, so users can maintain databases more effectively.

“We’re delivering simplified access, either on-premises or in the cloud, to our connected-RPA offering making it more ubiquitous and easier to consume,” says Dave Moss, CTO and Co-Founder of Blue Prism. “We are adding this flexibility without compromising on key enterprise features such as security and scalability, which are the hallmarks of Blue Prism. We’ve eliminated the guess work and taken out any objections or barriers, so innovators and business leaders can begin their RPA journey.”

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