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BPU Holdings Artificial Emotional Intelligence App, aiMei, Achieves 11,871,340 Questions Answered Amongst Global Users

Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) Chatbot Improves Self-awareness, Social Awareness and Relationship Management
BPU Holdings Artificial Emotional Intelligence App, aiMei, Achieves 11,871,340 Questions Answered Amongst Global Users

BPU Holdings (BPU), the pioneer of AEI uses their aiMei app to go beyond the synthesis of thought and uses Emotional Intelligence (EI), the synthesis of feelings. Since its development in 2017 the aiMei app has communicated and achieved over 11 million questions that have been answered by users. Each question answered is one step closer to learning about oneself.

The aiMei application is a chatbot service that helps improve the Emotional Intelligence of its users. The app recognizes, understands and analyzes users’ emotions while asking and tracking mood patterns. aiMei helps users discover Four Components of their EI: self-awareness, social-awareness, self-management and relationship management. With analysis, it makes recommendations on the behaviors and thoughts needed by its users for self-reflection and emotional cognizance. Through friendly dialogue, users are able to respond to questions with a simple tap directly on their smartphones. It also checks-in with your mood while emoji responses are recorded directly on Apple and Android watches.

aiMei takes a step further in analyzing your closest relationships. Who knows us best other than our closest family and friends? Able to sync with social media, your friends can anonymously answer questions about your Four Components. Results with graphics and further suggestions in the user’s lacking areas are presented while aiMei keeps you accountable. Users are able to select areas they wish to improve, set goals, manage, and track their progress. Through self-management and relationship management, users can positively shape and define their peak EI while also remaining conscious of who they are and what they’d like to achieve. Furthermore, aiMei uses end-to-end encryption so privacy is protected and unhackable.

“Today, people have egos and the desire for immediate satisfaction is at an all-time high. If we can’t take a step back and reflect on ourselves and our own Emotional Intelligence, we can’t improve. Our emotions sometimes make decisions for us that may not be the most sound – aiMei is a great tool to help us manage our fullest potential, starting with ourselves,” said Oh SangGyoon, CEO and President of BPU Holdings. He further adds, “We like to uphold the safety of user privacy as well.”

aiMei supports both iOS and Android. It can be downloaded on iTunes App Store and Google Play. Service is provided in English and in Korean.

About BPU Holdings
BPU Holdings is dedicated to generating the first Artificial Emotional Intelligent (AEI) Framework. Artificial Intelligence (AI) emulates how people think — AEI emulates how people feel. BPU is dedicated to generating the most advanced, usable, secure and innovative Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) technology in the world. AEI technology advances the human condition by providing rigorous tools to improve emotional intelligence. We are committed to building technology with Privacy by Design. Individuals and organizations have sovereign control and ownership of their AEI Framework.

BPU gives back. Our acronym translates to ‘Bae-Pum’ in Korean; which means ‘to giveaway’. We strive to do exactly that as we have set our company Articles to allocate 30% of our Company’s profit to the public good.

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