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Brand, Customer Experience and Digital Technology- Three Pillars of Successful Business

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Brand perception, interaction with customers and use of digital technology in marketing and advertising channels are three essential pillars of successful business. Though these concepts are not new to the industry, now we have a holistic view of this ecosystem to determine their influence on business. They are vital to drive engagements with consumers and administer “ultimate value” to the customers.

Brands are thought to be the central nervous system of any business as it interacts directly with the customers. The consumers trust the brands and develop the business. Once a customer becomes loyal to a brand, the business house should deliver the brand promise. It helps the customers to interact flawlessly with the product and services of a brand.

Since the brands build the “trust” of the consumers, it helps to drive the “sale” of the product. When the business houses couples this effect with the marketing and advertising technology, they devise a winning combination for marketers as well as consumers. Its beneficial for the marketers as they seek right consumers and the consumers benefit by not providing extra effort and time in finding the right products. This fact is more relevant in the digital world than the non-digital one.

Many business houses are now trying to find the intersection of these “three pillars” to deliver customer value. It is not very time consuming when you opt for a holistic approach to view the system as against viewing it from the organisation structure point.

In the conventional form of business, brand, customer experience, and digital technology were compartmentalised. However, in modern business technology and expertise are evolving and you have to accustom yourself to participate in this digital world. You can achieve an integrated vision with the help of marketing platforms and the technology.

In the beginning, you may not attain perfection in measuring and structuring the pillars accurately since it would be a new experience and you may not feel comfortable with the testing and analyse the directional impact. However, do not give up and keep developing your skills.

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