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Canada’s to Integrate Greenfence Consumer’s Blockchain Enabled Shopper Marketing Platform

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Coupons, rebates and GFT™ Authentic Digital Collectibles™ revolutionize how consumers and brands interact in a mobile economy.

Canadian coupon distribution powerhouse has announced a partnership with Greenfence Consumer, a blockchain centric shopper marketing platform focusing on coupons, rebates and GFT™ Authentic Digital Collectibles™.  The partnership expands Greenfence’s early distribution pilots in the U.S., and provides with innovative technology to support their growth plans in the space.

Greenfence Consumer (GFC) launched its blockchain enabled shopper platform in 2017, “After working with 50+ brands on traditional mobile and digital engagement tactics since 2013, we saw something special with blockchain technology, and developed our platform to create greater efficiency and transparency for brand and retail clients,” said Scott Loyola, Co-Founder of Greenfence Consumer.  “With the application of the technology, we can now create uniquely identifiable coupons and rebates, opening up countless opportunities to engage consumers at the point of decision and beyond.”

For, the technology will help advance its digital coupon and rebate distribution business, and create a distinct advantage in the markets they serve.  “The ability to create a one-to-one relationship with consumers through GFC’s blockchain enabled digital wallet is a real game changer, which allows us to enhance our relationship with consumers by delivering the deals and offers they truly seek.  Greater predictability means brands can count on more effective promotions and greater budget control,” said Nizam Walji Managing Partner and Co-Founder at

In addition to coupon and rebates, GFC offers integration into the GFT™ Authentic Digital Collectibles™ platform.  “Where coupons and rebates seek to provide a consistent offer flow for consumers to drive purchase and trial, GFT’s™ are uniquely positioned to serve as a built in reward mechanism for specific consumer behavior or action,” said Jonas Hudson, Greenfence Consumer’s Co-Founder. “As the market continued to grow for mobile collectibles, we saw a need to create unique, fraud proof, blockchain enable collectibles that could be used in a variety of promotional and reward settings.  We are excited that has a similar vision and together we will be announcing a major program in the coming weeks.”

About is a leading Canadian publisher and distributor of Grocery, Pharma and Mass Coupons.  With two million registered Canadian shopper households, the company leverages brand partnerships in order to provide special offers and coupons to consumers seeking a cost-effective way to shop for and enjoy the brands they love, as well as those brands they may want to experience for the first time.

About Greenfence Consumer
Greenfence Consumer creates Blockchain based mobile platforms for brands and retailers, enabling advanced engagement tactics and gamified loyalty and rewards programs. Greenfence Consumer has integrated Blockchain technology into coupons and rebates and GFT™ Authentic Digital Collectibles™ to prevent fraud, control shopper marketer budgets and enable the unbanked to participate in cash back programs.

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