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Catalina Launches “Nerd On Your Side” Ad Campaign Via DNA

B2B Effort Highlights How Company's Deep Data Expertise Measurably Lifts Sales
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Catalina Marketing, the market leader in shopper intelligence and personalized digital media that converts shoppers into buyers, is launching a new B2B ad campaign that celebrates “the nerd on your side”  company narrative — as personified by its team of data nerds who “eat, sleep and breathe buyer behavior data” in their unending quest to drive sales for CPG retailers and brands.

With headlines like “We’re Obsessed with Your Mustard” and “We’re Seriously Crushing on Your Cat Food,” the ads reinforce the point that — whether it’s nasal spray, corn chips or cosmetics — when it comes to CPG retail, Catalina understands the unique buyer behind every buy. New video spots focus on data nerds connecting on a first date and later at a barbecue, with the latter featuring actual Catalina data scientists.

In recent months, Catalina has been aggressively reinventing itself, introducing several innovative products and forming strategic partnerships with the likes of LiveRamp, Samba TV and GlobalLogic as part of its digital transformation to help CPG retail and brand marketers and agencies with every stage of media planning, execution and measurement.

“While one objective of this ad campaign is to raise awareness of our digital products, we also want to celebrate the genius our data scientists bring to unlocking actionable insights on millions of buyers to provide precise 1:1 targeting, audience segments and now measurement to deliver profitable results for our customers,” said Marta Cyhan, Chief Marketing Officer at Catalina. “We’re data nerds and proud of it!  It has been a lot of fun partnering with our agency, DNA, to bring this campaign to life because it authentically represents what makes Catalina so distinctive.”

The creative work includes a digital display and video ads, as well as social components. In a bit of inspired casting, two actual and avowed Catalina data nerds are featured in the videos: Ron Menich, VP, Advanced Analytics & Data Science; and Peter Williams, VP, Data Integration, Fusion and Solutions.

The campaign will run on a variety of business-oriented news sites, tailored to decision-makers in both CPG and retail companies. This campaign represents the first work by Seattle-based DNA since being hired as Catalina’s ad agency earlier this year.

“From the first time we met the Catalina team, we were blown away by all the shopper data at their fingertips, and how geeked out they get when they talk about using that data to turn shoppers into buyers. They’re full-blown data nerds – in the most positive sense – which inspired this campaign,” said Alan Brown, Co-founder and CEO of DNA. “In effect, this campaign is a tongue-in-cheek homage to ‘nerddom.’ While playful and fun, it gets a serious point across that no one can tap into, analyze and apply data as effectively as Catalina.”

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