Deep Voter Data is Now Available From Social Media With New Censeo Platform

Deep Voter Data is Now Available From Social Media With New Censeo Platform

“The new Censeo Analytics platform can now provide candidates with voter attitudes and habits using social media, big data and proprietary algorithms,” according to Jubin Pejman, Censeo Analytics CEO, in the announcement of this new product.

With this new platform, campaign managers and political party fund raisers are able to segment their voter base with granular data to target undecided and swing voters. This capability goes far beyond existing market segmentation strategies used during the Obama and Trump election cycles.

The platform:

Enriches voter registration data with incredible detail.

Correlates voter registration lists with Social Media profiles.

Identifies favorable voting triggers based on real-time data.

Includes email and physical mail addresses for targeted follow-up.

Delivers an unsurpassed level of market segmentation.

Similarly, Censeo’s Retail Division provides granular data on hundreds of millions of consumers.

Pejman adds, “Until now, political parties have been unable to convert public and social media data into segmented marketing campaigns with messages tailored specifically to individual voter interests and worries. We can now track shifting attitudes, energize voters and turn ‘undecideds’ into favorable votes with this new platform.”

Censeo Analytics incorporates its proprietary Big Data platform of over 3 billion individual records, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and Censeo’s proprietary algorithms to develop enriched demographic information. The system’s algorithm takes 50 to 100 billion calculations per voter. This data enables candidates to refine their pitches down to the precinct, block, street and individual level.

“We are currently using Censeo-generated data, to help campaign managers engage with constituents for the November Midterm Elections, and are especially focusing on swing voters,” Pejman explained.

About Censeo Analytics

Censeo Analytics provides enhanced demographic data for political campaigns and consumer marketing agencies.

The Censeo Analytics Political Division solves a problem that has stumped traditional political campaigns on the local, state and national levels by providing a social media digital marketing platform that identifies likely voters who, if properly engaged, could change their historical voting habits in favor of the candidate.

The Censeo Retail Division provides granular data on buying habits of hundreds of millions of consumers.

Kyvos Insights and Bell Canada to Discuss How to Scale Business Intelligence for Big Data in Upcoming Webinar

Kyvos Insights and Bell Canada to Discuss How to Scale Business Intelligence for Big Data in Upcoming Webinar

Kyvos Insights, a big data analytics company, today announced it will host a webinar titled, “BI at Exponential Scale at Bell Canada,” on Thursday, October 18, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. PDT (1:00 p.m. EDT). The webinar will explore the success of Bell Canada’s data program and why the company chose Kyvos Insights’ OLAP technology to scale its business intelligence on big data. To register for the webinar or to get more details, please visit here.

Bell Canada relies on huge volumes of data to make accurate business decisions and deliver better services to its customers. While the company has tried to build dashboards and provide actionable insights using current market offerings, the company faced technological challenges meeting its growing business reporting demands as its data volumes and the number of internal users accessing the data continued to surge. Bell Canada recognized that an architectural change would need to be made to deliver on its business teams’ requirements to interactively slice and dice the data.

The webinar, presented by Mark Huang, director of engineering at Bell Canada, and Ajay Anand, vice president of products and marketing at Kyvos Insights, will showcase the advantages of OLAP on Big Data technology to achieve multi-dimensional analytics at a massive scale.

“As companies evolve, their business intelligence and data programs need to expand to meet customer and organizational needs. However, while data teams appreciate this need to grow, finding a solution that meets the scalability and performance required to handle growing data volumes and workloads remains a challenge for many,” said Ajay Anand of Kyvos Insights. “Bell Canada’s use case of Kyvos Insights’ technology demonstrates that there is a way to effectively scale business intelligence to achieve its business goals and provide the level of service customers expect.”

Along with discussing the business value driven by the implementation of Kyvos Insights’ technology, the session will also explore:

  • Why adopting OLAP on big data was mission critical for Bell Canada’s business team
  • How Bell Canada substantially scaled the volume of data its team could analyze while accelerating the time it takes to analyze massive data sets.
  • The importance of selecting an architecture that delivers high performance with an increasing number of concurrent users

“We’re thrilled with the results we’ve been able to achieve through our implementation of Kyvos. Large volumes of data are what allows us to make the right business decisions for our company and enables us to deliver the service our customers expect. We’re excited to continue partnering with Kyvos to further unleash big data to drive business insights.”

About Kyvos Insights
Kyvos Insights is committed to unlocking the power of big data analytics with its unique “OLAP on Big Data” technology. Backed by years of analytics expertise and a passion for big data, the company aims to revolutionize big data analytics by providing business users with the ability to visualize, explore and analyze big data interactively, working directly on Hadoop or cloud platforms. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, Kyvos Insights was formed by a team of veterans from Yahoo!, Impetus and Intellicus Technologies. The company has partnered with companies including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Qlik and Tableau. For more information, visit or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

LEWIS for Kyvos Insights 
Brianna Bruinsma 

SOURCE Kyvos Insights
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Mixpanel accelerates international expansion in Europe and Asia, driving 69 percent and 124 percent annual revenue growth, respectively

Mixpanel accelerates international expansion in Europe and Asia, driving 69 percent and 124 percent annual revenue growth, respectively

After a momentous year of international customer growth, Mixpanel officially establishes a global presence with two new offices in London and Singapore to cater to more than 17,000 international customers, representing 40 percent of the company’s overall revenue to date

SAN FRANCISCOOct. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Mixpanel, the world’s leading user behavior analytics platform, announces today its strategic expansion to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific markets to meet the global demand for user behavior analysis and to provide strong regional support to existing customers. Without a formal presence abroad, the company currently serves a growing portfolio of more than 17,000 international customers which comprises 40 percent of the company’s revenue.

In the second quarter of this year alone, Mixpanel’s annual recurring revenue in Europe and Asia increased 69 percent and 124 percent, respectively, validating the need for continued global focus and growth. As part of its expansion strategy, Mixpanel opened offices in London and Singapore with plans to escalate hiring across all functions, to improve response time, and customize and scale professional services towards its international customer base.

This international momentum points to the escalating demand for user behavior analysis, not only from technology companies, but also from global, category leaders across industries such as media, financial services, retail, and manufacturing.

“The need to better understand user behavior to derive insights and drive product innovation and growth is not a regional demand but a global one,” says Pierre Berlin, Vice President of Global Sales. “Our international customers like BMW, Experian, and Viacom 18 are harnessing the power of these insights to deliver better experiences, regardless of whether they’re large enterprises or budding startups, or their location.”

User analytics are not reserved for software-first organizations, but any market keen on rapid growth in technology innovation; which includes category leaders shifting their business models toward digital products and experiences. As customers are drawn towards seamless engagements with companies, industries are forced to evolve their products and services to meet this demand, regardless of their physical location.

“Nearly ten years ago, fast-moving upstarts and early adopters in tech demonstrated the power of user behavior analysis to make smarter decisions, break down silos between teams, and move faster to improve user experience. However, Silicon Valley doesn’t have a monopoly on innovation,” said Amir Movafaghi, CEO of Mixpanel.

“Enterprises and Fortune 100 companies across the globe are adopting the nimble data-driven practices of technology startups in order to lead and compete in today’s digital economies.”

Companies like Skyscanner and Vente-Privee heavily rely on user data to gain a competitive edge. User insights not only help these businesses serve their customers more responsively but also change the way people traditionally purchase products and services in today’s mobile-first, omnichannel world.

“Mixpanel continues to provide us with the user behavioral insights we need to optimize purchase funnels and build out an entertaining shopping experience that our customers love and brands want to sell to,” said Pierre Gosset, Digital Analytics Lead at Vente-Privee.

While most of the existing data analytics market is concentrating on consolidating, Mixpanel is focused on global expansion as a means to continue to provide its customers access to the deepest learnings through their data. Within the last year, Mixpanel has increased its database of events by 22% overall, averaging around 297.9 billion engagements per month, with international usage growing by 11.8%.

For regular news and information about Mixpanel and the analytics industry, like and follow the company on:

About Mixpanel
Mixpanel helps teams and companies gain valuable business insights and build products and user experiences that people love, with its leading user behavior analytics solution. With more than 26,000 customers worldwide and 30% of the Fortune 100, Mixpanel empowers all types of professionals, across product, marketing, analytics, UX, and engineering teams, to make smarter decisions, faster. Mixpanel has offices in San FranciscoNew YorkSeattleSalt Lake CityLondon, and Singapore. Mixpanel’s mission is to help the world learn from its data. For more information about Mixpanel, visit:

Logo –

SOURCE Mixpanel
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Openbravo Commerce Suite 3.0 Achieves Certified Integration With SAP Applications

Openbravo Commerce Suite 3.0 Achieves Certified Integration With SAP Applications

Openbravo Delivers an End-to-end Solution with Cloud-ready Mobile POS and Omnichannel Capabilities for Retailers Through Interoperability With SAP IS Retail

Openbravo today announced its Openbravo Commerce Suite solution has achieved certified integration with SAP applications, providing comprehensive end-to-end mobile-enabled and cloud-ready POS and Omnichannel capabilities for retailers seeking faster innovation and greater business agility.

(Logo: )

(Logo: )

The SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified that Openbravo Commerce Suite 3.0 integrates with SAP applications to exchange POS information with instances of SAP IS Retail, including master data, sales and physical inventory information.

“We are really excited to announce this certification, which becomes for us a strategic asset now that more and more larger retailers that run SAP applications are approaching Openbravo to transform their businesses by deploying our omnichannel retail solution,” said Marco de Vries, CEO at Openbravo. “The combination of SAP applications and other complementary solutions that can be easily integrated with Openbravo helps strengthen our value proposition and will result in ever greater benefits for our existing and future customers.”

As a result of the certified integration, Openbravo Commerce Suite provides businesses that use SAP solutions the capacity to deliver an enhanced in-store shopping experience through a broad set of assisted sale capabilities, RFID, and mobile payments at POS, to name a few. It enables a variety of omnichannel scenarios and dramatically simplifies store operations with the central management of all stores and POS terminals from a single point, which brings the capacity to provide faster sales information at the headquarter level and to update master data (products, pricing, promotions) across all stores in near real-time.

About Openbravo

Openbravo is a global omnichannel software vendor for agile and innovative retailing. The Openbravo Commerce Suite is a cloud-ready retail software solution providing comprehensive omnichannel and supply chain capabilities. It is built on top of a highly flexible mobile-enabled technology platform, which allows retailers to innovate more and faster and to manage change more efficiently.

With customers in more than 60 countries and over 16,000 back office users and 20,000 point of sales currently using its solutions, Openbravo offers the most flexible omnichannel solution on the market. Openbravo has offices in FranceDubaiIndiaMexico, and Spain.

To learn more visit

Openbravo as well as its logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of OPENBRAVO SLU in Spain and other countries. Please visit for further information.

SAP and SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE (or an SAP affiliate company) in Germany and other countries. See for additional trademark information and notices.

All other product and service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information, please contact:
Xavier Places Cano
Marketing Director


RedPeak Appoints John Breen as Executive Director, Health Strategy and Analytics

RedPeak Appoints John Breen as Executive Director, Health Strategy and Analytics

Strategic design agency, RedPeak Branding, announces the appointment of John Breen as the Executive Director, Health Strategy and Analytics. Breen will help define and accelerate the next phase of RedPeak’s growth, driving key initiatives that innovate branding services for the health and wellness industry.

“John is an original thinker. His boundless curiosity and driving ambition are a perfect fit for RedPeak, as we build on our technology expertise and look to create measurable impact in new territories, most particularly health and wellness.” – Susan Cantor, CEO

Breen brings nearly 20 years of deep industry experience, most recently serving as InterbrandHealth’s Executive Director, Brand Intelligence & Experience where he led the development of solutions for a wide range of health clients, including:

  • Publishing the first global ranking of the world’s most valuable biopharmaceutical brands
  • Transforming the brand strategy and experience for a nationally ranked pediatric health system
  • Helping health technology brands to achieve leadership positions and to maximize M&A opportunities
  • Assessing how to create meaningful engagement and drive business growth with new customer segments for a leading genomics company

Breen holds a BS in Communications from Cornell University and an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

This announcement underscores RedPeak’s desire to proactively instill positive and disruptive change across the health ecosystem.

About RedPeak:

RedPeak, part of Red Peak Group, is the smarter, nimbler design company for brands with an ambition to disrupt. The agency is staffed with some of the most renowned figures in the design and marketing industry. Founded in 2010 by Michael Birkin with the vision of helping clients navigate an increasingly complex business and marketing landscape. Red Peak Group became a founding member of the kyu collective, a division of Hakuhodo DY Holdings, in May 2014. Learn more at

Shayla Persaud

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John Breen, RedPeak Branding 
RedPeak Appoints John Breen as Executive Director, Health Strategy and Analytics


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RedPeak Home

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Lucidity's Blockchain Pilot with Toyota Results in 21% Lift in Campaign Performance

Lucidity’s Blockchain Pilot with Toyota Results in 21% Lift in Campaign Performance

Lucidity, the blockchain advertising analytics company, today announced its partnership with Toyota and agency Saatchi & Saatchi to introduce transparency into Toyota’s digital ad campaign buy and eliminate wasted spend. Through the Lucidity-optimized campaign, Toyota saw a 21% lift in performance – even after optimizations from industry leading fraud and viewability solutions.

The automotive industry is one of the most heavily advertised in the world, with an estimated nearly $15 billion market size for automotive digital advertising in the U.S. alone in 2018, yet this is the first blockchain powered campaign to date. The performance was calculated by comparing non-optimized placements versus Lucidity’s optimized placements with the goal of driving conversions to quality site visits.

Lucidity provides auditable data across all parties in the supply chain and ensures that advertising standards are being enforced. For example, Lucidity’s platform can identify data discrepancies that arise from suspicious activity like domain spoofing, bot traffic, and even auction games like bid caching. In the Toyota campaign, Lucidity was able to blacklist sites and apps with high levels of impression and click discrepancy in order to shift budget to higher performing sites and eliminate wasted spend.

“Before today, there was no way to verify with confidence what’s happening behind the scenes in a programmatic buy,” said Nancy Inouye, National Marketing Communications Manager at Toyota. “We’ve had our eyes on blockchain innovation for a long time, but didn’t have a workable blockchain solution to implement until now. We’re excited to be running live, in-market campaigns with Lucidity.”

In the partnership, Lucidity’s unique analytics offering compared and optimized, blockchain-confirmed data across the programmatic supply chain. Unlike existing solutions, Lucidity moves beyond probabilistic models to provide deterministic data at the log level for deeper optimization against impression and click discrepancies, a major differentiator and driver of campaign lift versus using probabilistic existing solutions alone.

“Even with high standards of anti-fraud and viewability filters already built in, Lucidity was able to deliver significant value-add by further optimizing the campaign,” said Tom Scott, Media Director at Saatchi & Saatchi. “The ability to have access to a transparent, clean set of data from across the programmatic supply chain is game-changing. We’re empowered to take action, and this is the first time we’ve been able to use blockchain technology to eliminate waste and optimize our ad buy in this way.”

“Lucidity wants you to know what you’re paying for and where you’re wasting money, so you can direct your spend to maximize ROI,” said Nikao Yang, Chief Operating Officer of Lucidity. “The reality is that programmatic supply chains don’t always behave as intended, and bad behavior comes into play. Our blockchain solution gives partners like Toyota deeper, log-level optics into their ad spend at every point in the supply chain to combat these challenges.”

Lucidity is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab’s Blockchain Working Group which recently announced its inaugural blockchain pilot program, the first of which are live campaigns verified by Lucidity’s blockchain technology. Lucidity has already secured a variety of customers and pilot partners including GameStop, Viamedia, The Richards Group, Giant Spoon, and more. Lucidity was recently awarded Blockchain Startup of 2018 by The Blocks Awards and Best Marketing Analytics/Attribution Platform in the Digiday Technology Awards.

About Lucidity
Lucidity is a digital advertising blockchain protocol bringing transparency and trust to digital advertising. Lucidity is the market leader using blockchain technology for digital advertisers and publishers to mitigate fraud, transact with trust, and maximize ROI. Lucidity was founded to tap the power of blockchain and cryptography to deliver transparency to the digital advertising supply chain for a cleaner ecosystem in which honest players benefit the most. The company is based in Los Angeles. For more information, please visit and continue the conversation on Telegram.

Media Contact: Rich Gallagher
Resound Marketing for Lucidity
+1 (609) 279-0050 x 118

SOURCE Lucidity

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Montrium Announces Re-Engineered eTMF Connect with Focus on User Experience

Montrium Announces Re-Engineered eTMF Connect with Focus on User Experience

Montrium, a leading cloud-based software provider for the life science industry, today announces version 5 of eTMF Connect, a modern Electronic Trial Master File solution for clinical research projects. The new version has been completely re-engineered with the end-user in mind, bringing renewed focus to user-experience and ease-of-use, without compromising the comprehensive feature stack of eTMF Connect. Now clinical research teams can reduce the burden of managing dated legacy systems and focus on critical research activities empowered by a modern eTMF solution.

“The clinical research industry has been living with systems for too long that in large are difficult to use, cumbersome to maintain and don’t add enough value to trial stakeholders – today, that has changed,” said Tevin Pathareddy, CTO of Montrium. “We want to design software tools for the workplace that are as easy to use, enjoyable and versatile as the ones we use on our devices at home. With the announcement of eTMF Connect 5, we continue our commitment to delivering next-generation user experiences, without compromising product functionality or capabilities.”

More and more life science professionals are using electronic systems to power clinical trials than ever before, but most of the tools available today deliver a dated and clunky user experience. These systems not only leave organizations with a frustrated workforce but with systems that have poor user adoption and low return on investment (ROI).

Whether working on a desktop or tablet, the new eTMF Connect is optimized for a workforce on the move, without the need for clunky apps. It has also made significant improvements to the way users conduct TMF study startup activities, providing more powerful tools for TMF planning and strategy. Alongside an entirely re-coded user interface and the introduction of better role & permission management, ISF reconciliation and enhanced study blinding. eTMF Connect 5 becomes one of the fastest, most scalable and feature-rich eTMF platforms available on the market.

Key Improvements in eTMF Connect 5:

  • An entirely re-coded interface for a market leading user experience.
  • Improved data visualizations and clinical program business intelligence
  • Electronic TMF planning & study templates
  • New document placeholders along with drag and drop capabilities
  • Greater flexibility and control in the management of user roles, permissions, and study blinding.
  • New investigator site file (ISF) reconciliation tools

The eTMF Connect 5 update will be available for Montrium customers in early 2019 with enhanced functionality coming throughout the next year.

Additional Information

About Montrium

Founded in 2005, Montrium is one of the leading providers of cloud-based content and collaboration software to the life sciences industry. Serving over 200 life science customers in over 20 countries, Montrium is committed to delivering unparalleled customer experience, innovation and product quality to emerging growth organizations as a true technology partner. Montrium is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with offices in Luxembourg and Brussels, Belgium. For more information, please visit

Madison Ramsay 
Marketing & Communications Coordinator 
+1 514 223 9153 ext 218

SOURCE Montrium

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Numerify Closes $27.5M Funding Round Led By DAG Ventures

Numerify Closes $27.5M Funding Round Led By DAG Ventures

Numerify, a provider of AI-powered IT Business Analytics, today announced it closed a $27.5 million funding round led by DAG Ventures, with support from existing investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Tenaya Capital. As part of the financing, DAG Managing Partner Nick Pianim has joined Numerify’s board of directors.

The funding will help the company grow its enterprise customer footprint and accelerate the introduction of new analytic solutions that embed artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

The funding follows a year of strong growth for Numerify in which it more than doubled its software subscription bookings and expanded its enterprise customer list to include top 5 companies in 11 different verticals. The Numerify platform has also continued to expand its technical lead in the market with 20 issued and pending patents. These patents have been instrumental in delivering new solutions that span IT Plan, Build, and Run processes, such as the recently-launched, AI-powered Change Success solution. Additionally, customer satisfaction continued to hit new heights with strong expansion in both adoption and usage.

“We have a successful track record of investments in pioneering software companies scaling their market presence,” said Nick Pianim, Managing Director of DAG Ventures. “Numerify’s broad adoption in several of its blue-chip customers demonstrates the Numerify IT Business Analytics solution as being essential to any enterprise with a digital transformation initiative looking to ensure their IT investments are being deployed in the most operationally-effective manner possible. Numerify’s AI-powered technology and strong solution focus have given it a leading position in the market, and I look forward to working with the Numerify team to drive further rapid growth.”

The 2018 Gartner CIO Survey indicates that 54% of CIOs have a digital transformation-related initiative in place. Forward-thinking IT organizations are focusing on innovation, improving operational efficiencies, and leveraging IT business analytics to uncover opportunities for value creation. As data volumes increase and business users seek deeper insights, use of machine learning automation through the data and analytics workflow is emerging as a key requirement. These trends are expected to drive significant investments in big data and analytics, with IDC forecasting worldwide spend to reach $260B by 2022.

“Our recent market research shows that business analytics has become imperative for IT organizations as they seek to improve business alignment, adopt agile principles, and accelerate innovation,” said Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer of Dresner Advisory Services. The industry veteran, who coined the term “Business Intelligence” continues, “Deeper analysis of IT people, process, and project data is central to driving change and achieving these goals, and we’re seeing IT leaders rapidly increase adoption of the analytics practices that have been common to the rest of the business for years. My conversations with organizations confirm that IT leaders need a business analytics lens that allows them to run IT like a business.”

“Numerify has emerged as a leader in the IT Business Analytics space by delivering a complete solution suite that our customers can use to run a high-performance IT organization,” said Gaurav Rewari, co-founder and CEO of Numerify. “Our vision is that through a full fleet of targeted and interconnected applications spanning all of IT’s plan, build, and run activities and the key source systems that underpin them, Numerify will deliver to data-driven IT leaders the same powerful and transformational business analytics that their peers in sales, marketing, and finance enjoy. This round of funding will help us achieve that vision.”

To Learn More about Numerify:

About DAG Ventures
DAG Ventures leads mid-stage and growth financing rounds into promising portfolio companies of select, proven early-stage VC partnerships. Aside from our highly focused investment model, we believe in differentiation through service. Our firm is built to deliver consistent, expeditious and superior service to our most important constituencies: our LPs, portfolio companies and select early-stage VC partnerships.

DAG Ventures was spun-off in 2004 from Duff Ackerman & Goodrich, a private equity investment firm focused on investments in the communications and media industries. Today, with support from a diverse, global set of LPs, DAG Ventures manages $1.8 billion across a portfolio of over 160 companies in a wide array of technology sectors.

About Numerify
Numerify provides AI-powered analytics for the business of IT, spanning people, process, and project data. Our System of Intelligence™ helps IT leaders improve application health, slash service costs and optimize resource usage. Global 2000 organizations, including companies ranked in the top 5 across 11 major industries, rely on Numerify’s IT business analytics applications. Founded by industry veterans from Oracle, Microstrategy, and Hyperion, Numerify has received venture funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, Tenaya Capital, DAG Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank and Four Rivers Group. For more information, visit or follow @numerify.

Numerify Marketing 

SOURCE Numerify

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AppsFlyer Surpasses $100 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue

AppsFlyer Surpasses $100 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue

AppsFlyer, the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics, announced today that it surpassed $100 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in the third quarter of 2018, growing at 100% every 12 months. Driving the company’s revenue growth are the 85,000 apps whose marketers use AppsFlyer’s products and services, propelling the company to over 70% market share worldwide.

“As a customer-obsessed company, our mission is to empower clients to achieve their goals by building best-in-class technology and products,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and co-founder of AppsFlyer. “We are excited to offer a product that is the primary working tool for mobile marketers. As more businesses continue recognizing that an attribution platform is a mission-critical tool, I’m humbled that more top brands, agencies and developers than ever trust AppsFlyer to help them make better marketing decisions, protect their ad spend from fraud, and fuel their own data-driven marketing innovations.”

The company’s revenue figures follow a string of recent plaudits for the company and considerable growth across key benchmarks. In the past year, AppsFlyer has continued to form partnerships with many prominent brands, including eBay, NBCUniversal, Adidas, Hyundai, and Coca-Cola. AppsFlyer’s technology is now found on nearly 7 billion mobile devices, up from 4.5 billion devices at the same time last year. During Q3 2018, AppsFlyer’s media spend measured increased to $17 billion annually, an 89 percent jump from $9 billion last year. At the same time, AppsFlyer’s continued innovation of anti-fraud solutions resulted in significantly higher savings for marketing departments using AppsFlyer’s technology – blocking an estimated $6.5 million a day of ad fraud.

“Thanks to our extensive investment in the AppsFlyer product and service, I’m proud that 70% of the market selected AppsFlyer,” said Kaniel. “We like to believe that our superior reliability, pace of innovation, service — and the AppsFlyer experience as a whole played a major role in the selection process. There are no shortcuts here. Hard work leads to consistent results, which manifests in achieving this milestone. Measurement is a crucial component of any budgetary decision, and companies are taking the time to select the best product that suits their needs. Inaccurate data and fraud cause companies to face serious challenges with their media spend — costing them millions of dollars without necessarily being aware of the damage it’s causing until it’s too late. Our scale and market share allow us to provide unique offerings — such as unparalleled attribution accuracy and fraud prevention — by leveraging the trillion-plus mobile events we measure every month.”

Goldman Sachs identified Kaniel as one of the “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs” of 2018, and AppsFlyer was named the Hottest Marketing Technology Startup of 2018 at the Europas. The number of employees at the company has doubled from 230 last year to 465, in 15 offices around the world.

About AppsFlyer:
AppsFlyer’s technology is found on 98 percent of the world’s smartphones, making it the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics. Data-driven marketers rely on AppsFlyer for independent measurement solutions and innovative tools to grow and protect their mobile business. AppsFlyer’s platform processes billions of mobile actions every day, empowering app marketers and developers to maximize the return on their marketing investments. AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack Attribution, Marketing Analytics Data, OneLink’s Deep linking capabilities and the Active Fraud Suite featuring DeviceRank have made AppsFlyer’s platform the go-to resource for the most successful mobile apps in the world. With Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap Inc., Tencent and 4,000+ other integrated partners, and clients including HBO, Playtika, Waze, Alibaba, Kayak, Activision and 12,000+ leading brands worldwide, AppsFlyer has 15 global offices to support marketers everywhere. To learn more, visit

Media Contact:
Jill Burkes

SOURCE AppsFlyer



Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak today announced that he has become the co-founder of EQUI Global, the venture capital tech innovator.

Steve Wozniak has joined forces with EQUI founder Doug Barrowman and EQUI co-founder Baroness Michelle Mone OBE.

Co-founder of EQUI Global Steve Wozniak

EQUI Global presents a unique opportunity to disrupt the venture capital industry – one that is considered to be extremely traditional.

It is a technology focused venture capital fund which combines the conventional principles of investing with a blockchain ‘back end’ that allows value to be realised and then traded in the open market through the EquiToken.

As co-founder of EQUI Global Steve Wozniak will head up technology investments and help find the tech stars of tomorrow. Woz will then bring them to the table and the board of serial entrepreneurs will mentor and coach them with world class expertise and guidance.

The EQUI fund is both open-ended and liquid, allowing investors the opportunity to sell their EquiTokens on external cryptocurrency exchanges at a time of their choosing.

 While being aimed at sophisticated investors, the new, powerful investment movement that’s being created allows people to become involved in a ‘non-institutional’ way.

The key thing is that investors can buy into the Fund and then trade out through the liquidity created by the EquiToken because the token infrastructure is built using the Ethereum platform.

It’s a potential game-changer in the venture capital industry and a model that many others are expected to follow.

Baroness Michelle Mone OBE and Steve Wozniak
Baroness Michelle Mone OBE and Steve Wozniak

Up to 80 per cent of investment by EQUI will be in technology companies with the balance of 20 per cent being in non-tech assets, such as real estate and investment collectibles such as art and vintage cars.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of EQUI Global said, “I get ideas pitched to me every single day in fact dozens and I always say no. Since I co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs, this is about the second time in twenty years that I actually said yes, I want to be a part of this. It has to be something I really believe in and I really believe in EQUI.”

Steve Wozniak continued, “There are so many great ideas because I sit down and think, ‘what could I think of doing?’ And it’s usually based upon ‘what do we have today in our life and how could we modify it, make it a little better or radically change it?’ and I don’t come up with many answers. But then I run it at other people and almost everybody has one answer for one thing that I think ‘woah, I never would have thought of that’ so it’s out there in the technology field. Not only that, technology really enhances every other business there is. Construction businesses are totally enhanced. Even things like restaurants are totally enhanced by the technology we create. It takes people who have ideas, but not just ideas, not ideas in their head, not ideas that are spoken, not ideas just on paper, they actually do work and create things. I know that we have something very special with EQUI. I’ve since enjoyed giving my feedback to the technical side of the initiative and will very much be an actively involved proud co-founder.”

Steve Wozniak continued, “I am very pleased that my business partners are the respected Michelle and Doug.  They are both very determined people who have both achieved what few people can do”.

Woz went on to say, “In the case of Michelle she has succeeded well against the odds, she started her own business at just 24 and turned it into a global brand of huge stature which she sold 4 years ago. Michelle has also invested wisely in the tech space and understands the significance of blockchain technology and how it will radically change business. She has multiple business interests and is one of the UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs. Her creativity and drive is brilliant for business because she brings diversity to the table. HM The Queen of The United Kingdom has even recognised her achievements.”

Woz continues, “Doug is a highly accomplished businessman and is also a problem-solver, thanks to his highly attuned analytical skills.  An accountant by trade, he set up his own corporate finance practice in the early 90’s. By the mid 90’s he was successfully buying and investing in his own portfolio of companies. Last year Doug successfully launched the world’s first large-scale property development, available for sale in Bitcoin. I greatly admire Michelle and Doug for their huge accomplishments.”

Doug Barrowman, Lady Michelle Mone OBE and Steve Wozniak
Doug Barrowman, Lady Michelle Mone OBE and Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak describes what he plans on bringing to EQUI. “We are the teachers and I believe in that so strongly because, Apple was strongly mentored. The enjoyment we had, the passion, starting the company, the excitement, it’s the most exciting thing. I like to see it happen for others and just to be a part of being able to help make it happen for a lot of others out there is going to be a big deal for me. I think I have an important role and I can help a lot.”

The team has an exceptional investment track record behind them and will be able to attract the budding start-up stars of tomorrow (not just start-ups) on a growth trajectory – the new Apples and Facebooks of the world – before they become famous.

Businessman and philanthropist Doug Barrowman, founder of EQUI Global has achieved considerable success for over 30 years in the venture capital industry. Doug is absolutely delighted that Woz has decided to become the co-founder of EQUI.

Entrepreneur and Global speaker Lady Mone OBE, co-founder of EQUI said “Woz has always been my business icon and it’s a dream come true to be working with him at EQUI”.

Steve Wozniak concludes, “We’ve already got over 20 businesses that we are looking at and we haven’t even officially launched yet.  It’s going to be very exciting. Ultimately, our mission is to seek, support and fund the blockchain and tech stars of tomorrow.

“EQUI Global is a game-changer”.


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