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CleverTap Helps Marketers Bust Brackets During March Madness

Customer Retention Leader Delivers Mobile Marketing Pointers for Engaging Users During College Basketball Season
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It’s the beginning of March, and all eyes are on the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament and the winning bracket. An average of 10.5 million viewers tuned in to the March Madness tournament in 2019,1 making it an ideal time for brands to think about building engagement with basketball fans mobile market. In preparation for March Madness, CleverTap, a leading AI-powered customer lifecycle and user retention platform, is dishing out assists to mobile marketers to help them up their customer engagement and retention game martech news.

“There are always opportunities for building profitable, long-term relationships with customers, and March Madness is a great time for brands to engage with their users,” said Sunil Thomas, co-founder and CEO, CleverTap. “Whether in ticket sales, streaming, food delivery, travel, or legal sports betting, mobile brands have a slam dunk opportunity to build loyalty during March Madness by delighting users and providing them with unparalleled customer experiences.”

As March Madness kicks off, mobile marketers can use the upcoming games as an opportunity to reach out to customers in meaningful ways leveraging mobile-first customer engagement solutions. Supporting over 8,000 consumer brand apps around the world, CleverTap offers proven pointers for mobile marketers to engage their users during March Madness:

  1. Drive #Squad Engagement with Creative App Notifications: The average smartphone in the U.S. receives 45.9 push notifications every day,2 so creative and actionable push notifications are instrumental to user engagement. Today’s digital-savvy marketers need to spark those creative juices to engage users through push. Running rich push notification campaigns that include emojis, images, videos, GIFs, audio, and other interactive elements can increase open rates by 56 percent.3
  2. Get the Easy “And One” Through Social: Mobile users are social—they love to share what they are doing, who they are with, and where they are. As digital marketers look to create engaging March Madness content, make it easy for users to take the content served and share it across multiple social media platforms and channels. Even better, resharing users’ content—sharing user-generated photos and engaging with followers in the comments—shows a brand’s audience how others are using the app and kick starts real conversations.
  3. Bracket Contests, Free Trials and Giveaways: March Madness is an ideal time to help users save some money, and chances are they’ll show their appreciation by engaging with a brand’s app even more—even if they aren’t a basketball fan. Brands can give out promo codes or offer free trials to drive downloads, allowing users to get hooked on services before subscribing.
  4. Plan Your Own Cinderella Story: The mobile app world can often feel like pro sports sometimes—the teams with the strongest players, best coaches, and most elaborate training facilities are always on top. But in the spirit of March Madness, we know the underdog can pull an upset since the bracket is never predictable. No matter what engagement campaign you leverage in March, make sure to put a longer-term game plan—or growth strategy—in place for mobile app success. Marketing teams can take a mobile growth quiz to determine how the tactics engaged stack up to industry best practices.
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