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ClickDimensions Launches Sales Engagement Platform

New offering demonstrates a commitment to powering the modern customer buying journey

ClickDimensions, the revenue platform that unifies all sales and marketing efforts for small to medium businesses, today announced the launch of ClickDimensions Sales Engagement. The new solution offers a unified approach for sales and marketing teams and eradicates the potential for customer drop-offs and miscommunication between each team as leads progress through the funnel. The result is greater sales team efficiency, higher-quality buyer journeys, and increased customer loyalty and revenue.

According to studies, 75% of B2B marketing leads never convert into sales because marketing and sales teams aren’t unified. For small to medium sized businesses, this is particularly significant because these organizations haven’t had the capability that large enterprises have to unify the customer experience and minimize challenges like broken handoffs and recycled leads. ClickDimensions Sales Engagement makes this unification possible, giving teams control over leads and better visibility into revenue-driving activities. Once these teams are better aligned, companies see an average revenue increase of 34%.

“The modern buying journey has completely transformed from what it was a mere three years ago, which means companies need to adapt how they sell – and fast,” stated Mike Dickerson, CEO of ClickDimensions. “Launching ClickDimensions Sales Engagement is our way of responding to these industry challenges, equipping our customers with critical tools to boost revenue, and unifying sales and marketing teams around a digital-first customer experience.”

ClickDimensions Sales Engagement is a natural progression and the perfect complement to its flagship solution, ClickDimensions Marketing Automation. The platform helps marketers optimize campaigns, automate follow-ups, create lead nurturing processes, and target leads to sales. From there, ClickDimensions Sales Engagement will help salespeople with the next best action, automating outreach to leads and redirecting leads to marketing for further nurture if they’re not ready to purchase.

“With this solution, we’re democratizing best-in-class tools for all companies, regardless of size, and spearheading a shift away from traditional, disparate marketing and sales tactics,” continued Dickerson. “At ClickDimensions, we have a clear vision for the future of sales enablement and revenue operations, and this product launch is just the beginning.”

Designed with small to medium businesses in mind, ClickDimensions Sales Engagement is a cost-effective solution and easy to implement with no ongoing IT maintenance requirements. It seamlessly integrates into the ClickDimensions Marketing Automation product, powered by Microsoft technologies. For businesses, this means less opportunity for lead drop-off, improving customer journeys and transforming more prospects into leads.

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