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Clinch collab with Linqia to Provide Content Experience for Brands

Automatically convert creator-generated content into dynamic digital ad assets that can be served across all digital media channels

Clinch, the leader in dynamic ad serving & personalization and creator of Flight Control, the Omnichannel Campaign Activation Platform, announced today a new strategic partnership with Linqia, the premier influencer marketing partner for the world’s leading brands, to offer advertisers a full-service solution to create, scale, and optimize creator content across media channels including programmatic display, online video, connected TV (CTV), and digital out-of home (DOOH).

Brands are increasingly turning to the creator economy, set to grow to approximately $24 billion by the end of 2024 (source), as an opportunity to drive deeper engagement with their audiences. However, the ability to scale creator-generated content has been incredibly difficult due to the confines of walled gardens and siloed channels that lacked the connective tissue necessary to enable omnichannel media activation. Now, Clinch and Linqia have joined forces to offer advertisers a streamlined solution to reach audiences with high-performing dynamically personalized creator-content ads, virtually everywhere they consume media.

“We’ve always believed in the power of creator-led content to power a brand’s entire advertising ecosystem, but very few marketers are capitalizing on the performance benefit of creator content in their omnichannel ad buys,” said Daniel Schotland, COO of Linqia. “Through our partnership with Clinch, we’ve created a first of its kind opportunity for marketers to connect with world-class creators and seamlessly port all of that content into every ad channel and placement, with real-time, dynamically populated elements.”

How it works: Through this partnership, Clinch and Linqia have developed a solution that handles all the heavy lifting required to activate dynamically personalized, high-performing creator content ads at scale. Linqia connects brands to content creators and influencers, and through a streamlined briefing process, develops high-quality brand safe creator content. This content is shared to Flight Control, Clinch’s platform, where it is inserted into dynamic ad templates that support an array of dynamic elements, such as products, messaging, and highly engaging shoppable opportunities. Flight Control’s robust omnichannel ad server powers the decisioning logic behind each creative variant to ensure the optimal creative output is served for every impression. Granular creative engagement insights gleaned from the creative ad serving process are fed back into the campaign in real-time for rapid optimization, and to inform future/ongoing creator-led content strategies, creative production, media, and audience optimization, and more.

“The ability to make creator-content dynamic, and scale it everywhere in a truly seamless, automated way is going to be a game changer for advertisers who want to build innovative, highly relevant brand experiences for their consumers,” said Charel MacIntosh, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Clinch. “Our partnership with Linqia is yet another step forward in helping advertisers maximize the value of their creative and media investments.”

A Summary of Benefits:

  • Prevent ad fatigue and drive campaign performance with the creation of abundant, high-quality creator content.
  • Quickly react to cultural moments, with streamlined automated workflows, and rapid dynamic optimizations.
  • Deliver a more relevant ad experience to your customer, with creator-content that speaks to all audiences, and dynamic elements that reflect real-time circumstances (like weather conditions, live events, product promotions/availability, price, and more).
  • Activate highly engaging shoppable ad experiences in a variety of dynamic, user-centric formats.
  • Unlock unique creative engagement insights that can be used to optimize creative and media strategies, as well as real time campaigns.

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