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CogitAI Commercial Availability of the Industry’s First Self-Learning


Delivering on the future promise of AI, Cogitai, Inc. today announced the commercial availability of its Continua™ Software as a Service (SaaS) self-learning AI platform. The Continua platform has the power to turn any process, system, software bot, or real robot into a self-learning autonomous service to drive actionable business outcomes. Whereas most AI systems today are trained using data painstakingly labeled by hand, Continua bypasses this time-consuming and error-prone process by enabling AI systems to learn on their own. Unlike academic open platforms developed to further AI research, Continua is the only commercially available software platform for businesses to put self-learning AI into action.
“The biggest opportunities for AI to expand into practical business applications cannot happen until AI systems can learn on their own,” said Mark Ring, CEO of CogitAI. “As successful as AI has been so far, its applicability will accelerate dramatically when it no longer depends on data provided by humans. CogitAI’s continual learning approach is a watershed moment in the industry, providing a general-purpose solution that can learn from its own decisions, actions, and experience.”

With Sony as an investor, CogitAI is led by a globally recognized and award-winning team, including Ring, a pioneer in reinforcement learning;  Peter Stone, president and COO, and author of the first study panel report of the “100 Year Study on AI”; and Pete Wurman, vice president of engineering, best known for his work as a technical co-founder of Kiva Systems, the company that pioneered the use of mobile robotics in warehouses and distribution facilities, which Amazon acquired.

“Since our investment in CogitAI in 2016, we have seen the team make tremendous progress in bringing their unique technology to market,” said Toshimoto Mitomo, Corporate Executive in charge of Intellectual Property and Business Incubation Platform and Senior General Manager, Startup Acceleration Division, Sony Corporation. “We believe self-learning AI as a SaaS platform will be a game changer and we will see many new opportunities to implement AI in a wide range of innovative business applications.”

Below are some use case examples for self-learning across many applications:

  • Vehicles
  • Video Games
  • Building Management
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Customer-service bots
  • Web Marketing
  • AI coaches personalizing wellness and fitness
  • AI software testing bots that learn to find and fix issues
  • On-board calibration and real-time energy management for semiconductors

About Continua
Available today for licensing, Continua is the first commercially available self-learning AI SaaS platform that continually learns from experiences, takes actions, and improves processes, systems, and software bots. This is the most comprehensive commercial platform for reinforcement learning and supervised learning, which accelerates progress in continual self-learning, with the ability to predict the future and improve any process.  Customers can sign up for a 40-day free evaluation period to access the Continua platform.

Key highlights include:

  • Enables collective learning across the platform and application to similar use cases.
  • Allows human training of the AI to focus and speed the learning process.
  • Automates nearly any repetitive decision process. The greater the number of decisions to be made, the more Continua can help.
  • Offers relatively simple but flexible RESTful interface where customers can define the format of the data and the objectives that Continua should learn to maximize.
  • Includes client libraries in Java, Javascript, Python and others that communicate with Continua, and lower-level APIs for machine learning, reinforcement learning customization as needed.
  • Continua’s team of Ph.D. engineers can work closely with customers to help optimize their installations.

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