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Consumer Experience Consultancy Releases ‘Color of Tomorrow’

New Animated Short Film Promotes Unity in the Face of Discrimination, Unrest
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A Non-Agency, a consumer experience marketing consultancy based in New York City, has released “Color of Tomorrow,” an animated short film about unity in the face of racial and LGBTQ discrimination and civil unrest during COVID-19 pandemic. The four-minute animated short was created by Michelle M. Collins, an Asian American entrepreneur and founder of A Non-Agency (who wrote the film’s storyline, directed and produced it), and Sam Kirk, a bi-racial, queer artist who grew up on the South Side of Chicago (who illustrated the film). Both creators have experienced discrimination firsthand and attribute their respective successes to their diverse upbringing, resilient character, and belief in unity.

“Civil unrest, violence, and discrimination have been front and center during the pandemic. This story is intended to remind people of the universal moments we all shared during this period, while highlighting the acts of humanity and pivotal issues of discrimination and division,” Collins explained. “Aside from the physical forms of protest, we hope that this will spark the start of an education and reprogramming of all generations. Discrimination is learned at home and in schools and through influences such as digital communication. Our hope is that ‘Color of Tomorrow’ becomes a tool and a reminder that art, creativity, and music can help a diverse group of people that feel, react, and think differently ultimately appreciate the shared experiences from these last few months.”

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