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Consumer Intelligence Platform Konnecto Closes $3.5M Seed Round

Funding, led by TPY Capital, will also be used to expand Konnecto's business endeavors into FMCG and D2C industries in North America and Western Europe
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Konnecto, the leading consumer intelligence platform enabling brands to gain visibility into the earliest stages of the consumer journey, today announced the completion of a $3.5 million seed round, led by TPY Capital, with participation from Differential Ventures, Magna Capital Partners, SeedIL Ventures and Hike Ventures. The funds will be used to grow the company’s data science team and expand into new verticals and geographies.

Marketers are often left with blindspots when trying to understand and influence the earliest stages of both their own and their competitors’ consumer journeys. Konnecto’s ‘Reveal & Disrupt’ platform enables marketing professionals to apply unique and novel data science at the SKU level of consumers’ anonymized digital footprints in order to analyze the digital paths to purchase.

Using machine learning, Konnecto’s technology reverse engineers the full consumer journey, surfaces threats and opportunities in the earliest stages, and generates actionable recommendations on how to disrupt the existing funnels, identify new marketing strategies, and increase brands’ market-share.

Konnecto is working with dozens of Fortune 500 brands, and is now expanding into FMCG and direct-to-consumer industries.

“We are very excited to announce our funding, and are eager to expand the Konnecto team,” said Erez Nahom, CEO of Konnecto. “As consumer behavior online is changing dramatically, gaining visibility into the untouched stages of the consumer journey and identifying growth opportunities are becoming critical for every consumer brand in the world. Launching ‘Reveal & Disrupt’ is a major step in our company’s vision to transform brands’ consumer acquisition mindset, moving from optimization to disruption.”

“It’s been exciting to watch Konnecto take off,” said Guy Yamen, General Partner at TPY Capital. “Synthesizing unexplored consumer data sets and turning them into actionable business insights is needed more now – in the post-COVID world – than ever before, given the increased volume of online activity, as well as the drastic changes in consumers’ preferences and needs. We are excited to take part in this journey.”

Konnecto was recently selected among hundreds of applicants to participate in Intel’s growth program, Intel Ignite, along with eight other diverse startups.

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