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Contentgine releases “Content Top 5 in 15” Video Program

Rose Analyzes the Top 5 Most-Read Content Pieces in the Data Analytics Product Category
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Contentgine® (, the world leader in content-based marketing, announced today that it has released the first video in its groundbreaking series, called “Contentgine Content Top 5 in 15.” Hosted by well-known author and content expert Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute, the video series consists of Rose’s analysis of the top five most read content pieces in a particular product category, culled from Contentgine’s vast collection of business content consumption data.

The first episode, which is free and hosted on the company’s website, analyzes the top five content pieces in the data analytics product category, with case studies written by #Sisense, #SyncFusion, #Atlassian (ChartIO), and #Encorta.

Rose provided some insight to the series and the first program topic – data analytics – saying: “The show is for any demand or content marketer, even though we focus on a particular product category for that show. There is so much information to be gleaned from looking at what makes a piece of content – regardless of category – that we think the fifteen minutes it takes to view the program will prove to be time well-spent for those marketers looking to improve their content consumption and demand generation.”

“What struck me about the data analytics space,” Rose continued, “was how well-written each content piece was in taking complex ideas and making them easily understood even by folks not having an analytics background. #SiSense, in particular, had two pieces of content in the Top Five, and I think it’s a testament to the quality of the writing that went into every piece.”

Ian Dix, Chief Marketing Officer for Contentgine, stated: “We think this will be a trailblazing series for demand and content marketers, because no one has had the content consumption data at this scale before. We have it as part of our Perpetual Engine® methodology, and we can offer marketers the first real look at what makes great content great.”

“Our next three programs,” Dix continued, “will have Robert analyzing the most-read content pieces in the database solutions, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things product categories. We hope our marketing friends get good insights and some “aha” moments ideas from Robert’s brilliant analyses.”

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