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Conversica and LeadFabric get into a Strategic European Reseller partnership

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The leader in IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistants), Conversica, Inc., has announced that the company has signed a Strategic European Reseller partnership with Leadfabric, a Martech industry pioneer based out of Brussels. Conversica helps the companies grow, attract, and acquire customers at scale. Leadfabric will now enable European organizations at enterprise-level across technology, manufacturing, and finance to augment their stakeholders with Intelligent Virtual Assistance from COnversica.

These two companies had started collaborating with each other through a referral partnership in combined marketing activities for the prospects from Europe. This is how their relationship began, in 2018. Leadfabric is now an important European reseller partner of Conversica, because of which it will continue to deliver new and disruptive martech solutions to the industry in Europe martech news

With this partnership, organizations from a wide range of industries will benefit from a vast variety of Intelligent Virtual Assistants that typically make use of Artificial Intelligence to augment Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Customer Success groups and teams in bigger businesses to hasten the revenue across the entire customer lifecycle alongside improving efficiency in the operations.

Founder of LeadFabric, Koen De Witte stated that marketing technology has rightly earned its position in every B2B company. But the success of digital marketing and its applications have resulted in overloading of point solutions, who promise the rightful exploitation of new trends in the technology but often fail to deliver. Coversica is not like them as it has built a legit and stable Artificial Intelligence solution that delivers proven value. 

Both companies have expressed their delight in working with each and harnessing the resources to provide enhanced services and innovate the martech sector in the European B2B sector.

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