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Customer Data Platform Amperity Launches Anonymous Engage™

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Amperity, the leading enterprise customer data platform (CDP), announced today the launch of Amperity Anonymous Engage™, a new anonymous data identity solution designed to help brands grow their marketable base of customers by over 2X. Anonymous Engage is part of AmpID’s suite of market-leading identity resolution capabilities, now adding the ability to turn anonymous customers into marketable audiences.

Among the biggest pain points for leading consumer brands is their inability to build a relationship with the majority of their customers. Why? Because they are mostly anonymous. Customers visiting retail locations, restaurants, grocery stores or any physical establishment usually don’t identify themselves. Even if they do, they usually provide sparse information. For example, restaurants struggle to engage with diners who aren’t in their loyalty program, and retailers face challenges in reaching customers who shop in a store but don’t provide a specific name and address. This creates a huge blind spot for brands, preventing them from understanding and tailoring their experience for the majority of their customers. Amperity developed Anonymous Engage to solve this problem by helping brands better identify and engage these customers in a privacy-compliant manner.

“Anonymous Engage™ is a powerful innovation that AmpID brings for the new era where first-party data becomes the real source of truth for consumer enterprises,” said Matthew Biboud-Lubeck, VP of Product Marketing at Amperity. “It provides the means for brands to manage the full lifecycle of customer profiles from anonymous-to-known and to effectively engage these customers who were previously unreachable and unmeasurable. We’ve seen brands achieve incredible results with this product – it’s been a game-changer.”

Critically, Anonymous Engage™ automates the process of identifying more anonymous customers and powering the full spectrum of actions performed on a brands’ rich customer data. Rather than add another step in the process, Anonymous Engage seamlessly deploys improved profiles into downstream analytics, marketing, and paid media performance measurement tools. When leveraged alongside the full suite of Amperity’s 3.0 Enterprise Customer Data Platform, Anonymous Engage completes a full end-to-end solution for transforming anonymous audiences into known and marketable segments.

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