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Customer Engagement Leader Mapp Cloud Introduces New Features

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Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer engagement, is launching a comprehensive product update of Mapp Cloud, its digital marketing platform.

The Fall Update includes 18 new features, improvements, and integrations. The package provides marketers with an even greater ability to use Mapp Cloud and its modules effectively, and specifically focuses on customer intelligence, marketing analytics, personalization, and automation from a single source.

COVID-19 and its consequences means that it is more important than ever to engage with consumers in a regular and targeted manner, guided by reliable insights. Only in this way can marketers increase their campaign ROI across all channels. The Fall Update enhances Mapp’s role as a technical partner to digital and medium-sized companies as they seek growth in the “New Normal.” And the benefits come at significantly lower costs for enterprise capabilities and shorter implementation times to standard market expectations.

Michael Diestelberg, VP Product & Marketing at Mapp, comments: “With this enhancement of Mapp Cloud, we’ve combined the latest trends in the market with the specific needs of our customers. The Fall Update brings a long-awaited innovation for email marketing. Just in time for next year’s 50th anniversary of email, Mapp is one of the first global providers to support the new AMP for Email standard, which enables completely new interactive experiences. We look forward to working with our customers to discover the potential of this revolutionary technology to create inspiring engagement experiences.”

This innovation provides a framework for sending interactive emails powered by AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), offering a completely new range of options for the creation of dynamic content. With AMP, emails can easily and quickly be configured, personalized, and enriched with interactive elements within the email itself. This enables consumers to buy products, add a wish list item, or give feedback to interactive surveys directly in the email.

Mapp is also launching new Customer Data Platform (CDP) functionality within the Unified Customer Profile. This provides marketers with a 360-degree view of every individual customer by visualizing their attributes, transactions, and engagement in one single place. The CDP functionality allows complete contact profiles to contain order and engagement information, which is extremely valuable for advanced segmentation and automation. This means that end users can be addressed holistically more than ever. Successful one-to-one personalization is also enhanced with channel-specific reports.

Mapp is also introducing Cookieless Tracking. This groundbreaking feature enables marketers to track website visitors without the use of cookies or other technical tools that use user-identifiable information. Marketers and analysts will still be able to analyze website and campaign performance, but without sacrificing the anonymity of their customers and prospects.

Following the release of Smart Alerts, Smart Notifications have been launched to provide AI-based insights that allow a closer look at the performance of marketing campaigns. Marketers can now get notified automatically about important performance KPIs, including bounce rate, conversion rate, and revenue per conversion. Smart Notifications include concrete insights and actionable recommendations, with the aim of identifying optimizations and planning future improvements.

Mapp has also enabled the synchronization of its cross-channel marketing module Mapp Engage with product catalogues, meaning that email campaigns may be carried out based on all available product attributes. This will provide an even greater degree of personalization and relevance to campaigns. For example, by using the new “Back in Stock” and “Price Drop” features, eCommerce marketers will be able to run personalized campaigns to automatically notify consumers when products become available again, or when they are available for a lower price.

In addition, Mapp has enhanced its audience builder. With new AI-driven segments, marketers can now target audiences based on user attributes like “best time to send”, to ensure they engage with customers at the right time. Another major improvement has been developed for mobile push messages, with advanced segmentations that can be built based on push notifications that users have received and engaged with.

A Mapp Intelligence plugin for Shopware has also been introduced to the customer analytics module. With this seamless integration, websites that are based on Shopware can be analyzed effortlessly. As it uses a no-code solution, the necessary tracking information is available without additional development effort.

Furthermore, Mapp is providing its data management module, Mapp Acquire, with a comprehensive upgrade. With the help of a Visual Tagger, powered by the Google Chrome plugin, content and other elements on websites can now be tracked without any programming expertise. As a result, marketers will be less dependent on IT resources to set up or extend website tracking.

Another new feature enables marketers to use their own domain tracking for Mapp Acquire, allowing first-party tracking of website events, as third-party solutions are becoming less accurate. The feature also fixes the problem of browser-side blocking of third-party solutions.

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