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Customer Marketing Platform MessageGears Partner with Sageflo

By integrating their products, MessageGears and Sageflo have made it easier for distributed marketing teams to access customer and brand data, so they can send timely, personalized marketing messages.
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MessageGears, the customer-marketing software company, and Sageflo, the marketing campaign management software company, have integrated their products to help distributed marketers quickly, easily and securely access the data they need to deliver timely, targeted marketing messages.

Distributed marketing teams have always wanted to send timely, personalized marketing messages to customers and prospects, but due to “data friction” issues, the info they need, such as who bought what and when, is often out of date by the time they receive it. Data friction is what happens when there is significant lag in synchronization between internal data systems and a marketer’s email service provider (ESP). A 2018 survey found that 25% of marketers felt real-time data access was the No. 1 feature they’d choose for their ESP to improve upon — a higher percentage than any other factor.

MessageGears’ software helps marketers overcome the data friction problem by connecting directly to internal brand data sources, eliminating the need to replicate, sync and store data in a marketing cloud. This provides enormous benefits in terms of agility, security and cost, while giving marketing teams the ability to orchestrate and send highly personalized, relevant and timely messages across multiple channels.

Sageflo’s Radiate product (which has been integrated with MessageGears’ software) provides distributed groups, such as corporate teams with multiple brands, franchise owners, and independent marketing consultants, with a much more streamlined way to build and launch branded email, push and SMS messages. Corporate marketers can define and control which email templates, images and audience segments are available for distributed users, while providing distributed users with the flexibility to manage their own campaigns. An approval flow also allows corporate or regional marketing leaders to approve emails before they get scheduled at the local level.

The first MessageGears and Sageflo Radiate joint customer is a quick-serve restaurant brand based in North America with over 700 family-owned and operated franchisee locations. The MessageGears/Sageflo joint solution empowers individual restaurant owners to easily send messages to their own customers using marketing-approved templates, images, and audience segments, driving repeat visitors and loyalty.

Although other tools exist that enable large-scale marketing efforts like these, the time and cost to implement them is prohibitive. Sageflo Radiate powered by MessageGears has an implementation time of just a few weeks, drastically reducing cost and effort.

“Integrating MessageGears with Sageflo Radiate enables distributed marketers to send messages easily and securely, without the data friction issues that have always been an impediment to this process,” said Walter Rowland, SVP Growth at MessageGears. “At the corporate marketing and franchise owner levels, the integration increases the value and return on investment of their distributed marketing teams.”

“MessageGears’ architecture makes data access easier, while Radiate’s ability to enforce brand alignment for message content makes corporate marketers more comfortable with the messages their distributed teams are sending,” said Aaron Smith, CEO at Sageflo. “Sageflo provides an enhancement to the core MessageGears platform, servicing a common set of customer needs that we see increased demand for in the marketplace.”

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