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Decibel Grows as Firms Prioritize Digital Customer Experiences

As COVID-19 accelerates organizations’ digital experience optimization efforts, Decibel shatters expectations
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As enterprises double down on optimizing digital customer experiences, Decibel, the leader in digital experience analytics, today announced impressive growth among its customer base, with the company securing 135% of its revenue forecast for Q2. This comes on the heels of Decibel’s Series B funding announcement of $40 million in May, which brought the company’s total funding to date to $54 million.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked enterprises’ plans to optimize digital customer experience. Websites, apps, and digital platforms have become the primary way for businesses to engage with customers and prospects, making the quality of the customer experience on such platforms absolutely critical. With award-winning AI, Decibel empowers enterprises to instantly identify, understand, and act on opportunities for improving experiences and driving more revenue through their digital platforms. For each and every online customer session, Decibel’s AI automatically analyzes the quality of the experience and scores it between 0 and 10 with the Digital Experience Score (DXS), so it can be benchmarked and improved over time. Brands across all industries – like LEGO, Fidelity and British Airways – use Decibel’s technology to increase online engagement, conversion, and revenue.

“For many businesses, the pandemic has crystallized the importance of digital customer experience – it’s never been more crucial to ensure experiences on websites and apps are of the highest possible quality,” said Ben Harris, Decibel CEO and co-founder. “This is our sweet spot, and we’re excited by the increased attention businesses are paying to their online presence. We are at the forefront of innovation in the digital experience analytics space, which is why we’re seeing more demand for our technology and attention from investors.”

As the pandemic hit, Decibel experienced a significant uptick in new business and customer renewals as digital experience became more important than ever. Decibel also enabled its existing customer base to identify opportunities to improve experiences and boost revenue, for example:

  • Fashion retailer River Island conducted a validation study with Decibel’s data science team that predicted the company would see a 43% conversion increase, and a $4.2M boost in monthly online revenue, if the brand improves their DXS by one point – establishing a direct connection between DXS and revenue.
  • Ferguson, the world’s leading specialist distributor of plumbing and heating products serving over 1 million customers, increased conversion by 5% and decreased checkout time by 14% with a streamlined single-page checkout designed using Decibel.
  • Constellation Energy, an Exelon company and leading provider of power, natural gas, renewable energy, and energy management products and services across the U.S., redesigned its funnel with Decibel and as a result boosted its mobile conversions by 45% and decreased its cost-per-acquisition by 25%. Further, it increased its overall DXS by .5 and its Engagement Score from 3 to 9.

Customer Support Quotes

Jessica Delaney, Digital Optimization Expert, British Airways: “Decibel has been invaluable in helping us to understand and support our online customers. After reviewing session replays, we identified that no technical errors were appearing. Instead, customers were inputting the wrong details and coming to the login error page, where they were then interacting with the ‘forgotten pin/ password’ link to reset their passwords. A similar instance occurred where a customer complained that they had been unable to change a booking online. From the customer’s explanation it was unclear why this was happening. The use of a session replay really brought the comment to life as it allowed us to see that the buttons to change the booking for the flight were missing. Combining the customer complaint with a session replay illuminated the problem and made us aware of a previously unknown issue.”

Tim Murphy, Leader of Global eCommerce Shopper Experience, LEGO: “At the LEGO group, customer experience is very important – from our LEGO® bricks to our online presence. Decibel was able to show us what we were actually seeing in our web analytics. We were finally able to identify a lot of the pain points that were happening in the checkout process, which we never would have known about otherwise. Decibel immediately shows us issues that would otherwise take us hundreds of hours to identify manually. With DXS, we finally have a quantifiable score that can be easily communicated to all levels of the company – from C-level down to the developers.”

Merritt Aho, Marketing Director of Testing & Optimization, Dun & Bradstreet: “Decibel contributes to an understanding of a/b test performance that goes beyond winning and losing. We are able to get a rich view of user interactions with test variations, often explaining the ‘why’ behind test results, and not just the ‘what’ provided by traditional test measurement methods. And with the flexible, always-on integration with our testing technology, we never have to worry about setup – the data is just there when we need it. Best part about it? It’s packaged up in a simple, but powerful, UI so that any marketer can leverage its extensive features whenever they need it without going through extensive training.”

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