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Deep Voter Data is Now Available From Social Media With New Censeo Platform


“The new Censeo Analytics platform can now provide candidates with voter attitudes and habits using social media, big data and proprietary algorithms,” according to Jubin Pejman, Censeo Analytics CEO, in the announcement of this new product.

With this new platform, campaign managers and political party fund raisers are able to segment their voter base with granular data to target undecided and swing voters. This capability goes far beyond existing market segmentation strategies used during the Obama and Trump election cycles.

The platform:

Enriches voter registration data with incredible detail.

Correlates voter registration lists with Social Media profiles.

Identifies favorable voting triggers based on real-time data.

Includes email and physical mail addresses for targeted follow-up.

Delivers an unsurpassed level of market segmentation.

Similarly, Censeo’s Retail Division provides granular data on hundreds of millions of consumers.

Pejman adds, “Until now, political parties have been unable to convert public and social media data into segmented marketing campaigns with messages tailored specifically to individual voter interests and worries. We can now track shifting attitudes, energize voters and turn ‘undecideds’ into favorable votes with this new platform.”

Censeo Analytics incorporates its proprietary Big Data platform of over 3 billion individual records, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and Censeo’s proprietary algorithms to develop enriched demographic information. The system’s algorithm takes 50 to 100 billion calculations per voter. This data enables candidates to refine their pitches down to the precinct, block, street and individual level.

“We are currently using Censeo-generated data, to help campaign managers engage with constituents for the November Midterm Elections, and are especially focusing on swing voters,” Pejman explained.

About Censeo Analytics

Censeo Analytics provides enhanced demographic data for political campaigns and consumer marketing agencies.

The Censeo Analytics Political Division solves a problem that has stumped traditional political campaigns on the local, state and national levels by providing a social media digital marketing platform that identifies likely voters who, if properly engaged, could change their historical voting habits in favor of the candidate.

The Censeo Retail Division provides granular data on buying habits of hundreds of millions of consumers.

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