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Deskforce Launches Deskforce’s CloudPBX in Partnership with Zoho

Deskforce Launches Deskforce's CloudPBX in Partnership with Zoho

Deskforce which is a leading service provider in real-time communications, SaaS-based applications, and API’s and CRM integrations recently partners with Zoho to launch Deskforce’sCloudPBX platform. This new extension would use Zoho CRM platform and allow the contact centers to streamline their business in a way to engage the customers, prospects, and clients and help them with seamless voice and SMS messaging services.

Deskforce, which is a pioneer in cloud communications, currently provides a robust engagement platform to enable business houses to engage their customers effectively. This new extension of Deskforce would be available in the Zoho Marketplace and allow users to connect with potential customers without leaving the CRM platform interface.

Deskforce is a new self-funded Jerusalem-based startup company.  They have a branch office in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is mainly focused on cloud-based Call Center software. Deskforce helps business houses with a full utilization of cloud-based software that caters to the business process and reinforces business intelligence efforts.

Zoho is also a single cloud platform having all the required applications to manage a business entirely from the cloud. The clients can acquire and manage customer’s portfolio using Zoho’s customer support applications.

Elie Rubin CEO of Deskforce welcomed this move and said, “Whether it’s a contact center or a sales desk that monitors and provides innovative solutions, the integration of Deskforce into Zoho CRM enriches and empowers the user experience for increased productivity and enhanced customer connections.”

Mani Vembu, COO of Zoho Corp also suggested, “DeskforcePBX integration helps us to realize our goal of providing an effortless synchronization of our customers’ communication services with their Zoho CRM workflows, while improving the efficiency of their overall sales management processes.”

The advantages of the new joint venture would allow the customers to place voice calls to contacts from within the Zoho CRM. The customers would also be able to listen to recordings of all previous calls. They can also now track outbound call history with up-to-date call status. Moreover, they can now create and manage customized voice templates during the calls.

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