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Digital Air Strike Joins Forces with GoDaddy

Company Joins GoDaddy's #OpenWeStand Movement Along with Salesforce, Slack, and PayPal to Offer Resources for Small Businesses During Coronavirus Pandemic
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Digital Air Strike, the leading consumer engagement technology company, today announced it is joining forces with GoDaddy for its #OpenWeStand ( campaign to help auto dealers and other small businesses continue their sales online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal for both Digital Air Strike and GoDaddy is to provide online tools so businesses can continue to operate while their storefronts may be closed. As a business founded during the 2008/2009 Great Recession, Digital Air Strike understands that innovation and the willingness to adopt new technology and solutions are key to surviving a financial crisis. Digital Air Strike works with more than 5,000 businesses around the world, including thousands of auto dealerships, major automobile manufacturers, senior living centers, dental offices, entertainment centers, education institutions, and many more industries martech news.

Digital Air Strike is giving away its Virtual Retailing Program to help businesses and consumers do more online and virtually through video, AI, social media, and automation. Through the #OpenWeStand campaign Digital Air Strike is offering GoDaddy’s customers Video Logix video technology free for 30 days, Power Texting text blasts, and a free budget review to help businesses identify which vendors and ad spends deliver a return on the investments. Digital Air Strike’s offers can be found here.

The #OpenWeStand website has become a central gathering place for entrepreneurs to learn, ask questions, lend advice, and utilize resources available to them. GoDaddy and other leading brands are contributing resources, tools, and insights to help sustain entrepreneurs and the small microbusinesses they operate during this challenging time. #OpenWeStand is also for everyone who supports small businesses and their resiliency. This is everything that Digital Air Strike stands for martech.

“Now is an important time for business owners to re-evaluate their tools and processes while embracing new ways of doing business,” said Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike. “There will never be a time like this in our shared history when the entire world slows down enough to allow each business owner or manager a chance to learn new ways to engage consumers and take advantage of so many free tools, technology and free trainings. When the dust settles, retailers that have learned to adapt will come out of the slowdown much faster and be more efficient. Consumers will ultimately win and appreciate retailers that are doing business in a new way.”

Digital Air Strike is hosting free webinars to help businesses during the pandemic and sharing best-practice videos for auto dealerships to offer “no-contact” contracting, at-home test drives, concierge delivery service, and more. The videos can be viewed through Digital Air Strike’s Video Logix tool, here. Digital Air Strike has also compiled free resources for businesses, including downloadable guides and social media graphics, as well as the latest commerce-related COVID-19 updates. Learn more at

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