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DILLING Lays Foundation for Tailored Experiences with mParticle CDP

Danish clothing and underwear retailer uses mParticle to power more personalized shopping experiences and promote customer retention
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mParticle, the leader in Customer Data Infrastructure, today announced that DILLING, a high-growth Danish organic/sustainable clothing and underwear retailer, has selected mParticle to manage its customer data and lay a foundation for the delivery of more personalized eCommerce experiences.

Since its founding in 2010, DILLING’s mission has been to create the best inner layers imaginable for all customers. Born out of a family-owned clothing and underwear business founded in 1916, the team leverages their rich knowledge of fabrics and manufacturing to provide a diverse selection of high-quality products. DILLING knows that when it comes to digital experiences, just like undergarments, there’s no such thing as ‘one-size-fits-all.’ To increase customer engagement and customer lifetime value, DILLING plans to use mParticle to leverage customer data to deliver more relevant newsletter content and power advanced digital experiences such as loyalty and live shopping.

Although DILLING’s manufacturing process was built upon an extensive infrastructure of interconnected systems–organic wool imported from Argentina, primarily dyed and treated in Denmark, before being cut and sewn in Lithuania–their digital experiences lacked the same interconnected customer data foundation. Accessing customer data and using it for personalization required a lot of manual work, which delayed the teams’ time-to-value and prevented the launch of more advanced digital experiences.

DILLING chose to implement mParticle as their Customer Data Platform to improve connectivity between marketing tools and make it easier to power personalized experiences. By providing business users with easy access to clean, high-quality customer data and enabling them to connect customer data to third-party tools such as Klaviyo, Algolia, Commercetools, and Google Ads without engineering support, mParticle helps the DILLING marketing team deliver more relevant information to individual customers, ultimately increasing engagement and retention.

“mParticle enables us to power more customer-focused marketing while ensuring that we have a good customer data foundation,” explains Mark Nygaard Leth, Chief Information Officer of DILLING. “This also sets us up with the ability to integrate additional tools such as loyalty systems and live shopping more easily in the future.”

“DILLING is developing an expansive customer base, with highly-engaged customers across eight European countries and counting,” continued Karen Gallantry, Chief Revenue Officer at mParticle. “By using mParticle, DILLING is able to power the delivery of relevant information and offers to customers at speed and scale.”

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