Email Marketing to Combine Google Home and Amazon Alexa With Direct Mail to Combine Google Home and Amazon Alexa With Direct Mail

Currently, only 9% of marketers are able to engage with customers across multiple channels on a consistent basis.’s Omnichannel Marketing Platform is positioned to quickly increase this statistic.

Companies struggle to engage with their customers consistently and in meaningful ways across a variety of marketing channels. That’s about to change with’s Omnichannel Marketing Platform.

“Our agency is always looking for a competitive edge. allows us to provide a real Omnichannel marketing strategy without having to overextend our time and resources.  My clients are happy and it’s added an additional revenue source, so my bottom-line is happy,” said Ray Martin, Automotive Experts.

The powerful cross-channel marketing platform makes its impact with Voice, an integrated platform with voice assistant that opens new doors in marketing. The tool is developed specifically for direct mail clients for use with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It can be used to activate offers, ask survey questions, and facilitate several other tasks within the platform. It is the first integration of its kind.

There’s a lot of excitement around’s pioneering of the use of emerging technology used specifically in targeted marketing outreach.

“The Voice feature accesses the convenience of voice assistants to make working with direct mail campaigns easy and intuitive. While we know that companies with an omnichannel marketing platform see a 23 times higher customer satisfaction rate, this takes it even further. Making the platform user-friendly and equipping it with the latest advances in voice expertise, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, has been a game changer,” says Mike Paine, chief marketing officer of

To learn more about how the Omnichannel Marketing Platform can help streamline social media advertising via Facebook and Instagram, check out

With more than 15,000 campaigns, 500 million PURLS created, and more than 11 million leads generated, is the trusted provider of services for familiar brands such as Chevrolet, Chick-Fil-A, Stein Mart, and many other big brands. They offer an integrated Omnichannel Marketing Program, as well as a range of services from enhanced direct mail experiences to live call center and SMS solutions to social media campaign strategies. is the go-to agency for improved marketing campaigns.

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