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Enea Announces New Functionality for its Market Leading DPI Engine

Qosmos ixEngine adds LAN device identification, first packet classification, traffic detection module and categorization of unclassified traffic

Enea® (NASDAQ Stockholm: ENEA) today announced new functionality for its Qosmos ixEngine®, the market’s most widely deployed Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine: LAN Device Identification, First-Packet Classification, a Traffic Detection Module and categorization of unclassified traffic.

Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine delivers real-time traffic visibility to networking and security products by identifying protocols and applications in network packets. This granular traffic visibility is used to optimize traffic, manage data flows, improve service quality and identify security breaches. Enea has now strengthened Qosmos ixEngine with the following functionality:

  • Device Identification Library for Local Area Network Devices Enables recognition of devices on access networks (wired and wireless) for policy management/enforcement (BYOD) and security use-cases. Compared to traditional device detection solutions, Qosmos ixEngine adopts a unique, layered approach using several device metadata ranging from less precise (e.g. device type, OS vendor) to very precise (e.g. device model, OS version) along with a scoring system that enables varied levels of insight into the nature of devices.
  • First Packet ClassificationClassification of traffic after analysis of only the first packet, enabling application-based routing, critical for traffic management use cases such as SD-WAN. This feature can also be used as a performance booster for all use cases requiring traffic classification.
  • Traffic Detection ModuleProvides traffic volume per application and comprehensive reporting via new APIs. This feature focuses specifically on identifying unknown applications and uses an algorithm to generate their suggested names. This facilitates integration for analytics and identifies bandwidth-hungry applications, which is crucial to optimize data plane utilization and management.
  • Categorization of Unclassified TrafficQosmos ixEngine now indicates the probable application or service running on top of an unrecognized traffic flow. This feature makes it possible to enhance traffic management and policy control, even when the exact application is not identifiable.
  • Evasive Traffic Detection for VPNs and VoIP/IM applicationsRecognition of VPNs and VoIP / IM has been enhanced to better identify “crafted” traffic intended to avoid detection. To this end, new classification techniques such as “Domain Fronting Detection” are now available to effectively implement traffic policies.
  • 50% increase in number of SCADA protocol signatures The number of SCADA protocols recognized by Qosmos ixEngine has doubled over the past 12 months, making it even more attractive to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security solutions.
  • Extended recognition of IMs, VPNs and enterprise applicationsEnea Qosmos Labs is continuously increasing the number of protocols and applications recognized by Qosmos ixEngine, with a special focus on new applications:
    • Instant Messaging, to optimize traffic management
    • VPN traffic detection, with evasive maneuvers in mind, for cybersecurity use cases (Firewalls, Cloud Security, etc.)
    • Most popular enterprise applications, to strengthen network monitoring, cybersecurity and SD-WAN.

Qosmos ixEngine is already established as the de facto industry-standard IP classification and metadata extraction engine, recognizing over 3,100 protocols, more than any alternative on the market. Networking vendors, security specialists, and cloud service providers widely use Qosmos ixEngine to gain application visibility, accelerate product development and benefit from continuous protocol signature updates.

Delivered as a Software Development Kit (SDK), Qosmos ixEngine is composed of software libraries, modules and tools that are easily integrated into new or existing solutions. Developers benefit from market-leading IP flow-parsing technology to bring detailed traffic visibility to network solutions up to Layer 7. Integration of ixEngine as a software component removes the need to develop in-house protocol-recognition capabilities, simplifying product development and accelerating delivery.

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Enea develops the software foundation for the connected society. We provide solutions for mobile traffic optimization, subscriber data management, network virtualization, traffic classification, embedded operating systems, and professional services. Solution vendors, systems integrators, and service providers use Enea to create new world-leading networking products and services. More than 3 billion people around the globe already rely on Enea technologies in their daily lives. Enea is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information:

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