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farm supply company, and featuring Forrester ‘How Product Data Powers Your Ecommerce Strategy’.

Omnichannel experiences and customer expectations have changed the ways brands, retailers, and manufacturers engage with customers—and the impact of current situations have accelerated many of those changes. These trends drastically change how organizations should think about and leverage their product data to adapt to emerging market realities.

Now is the chance to learn how to create a strong foundation for your ecommerce with product data. Dynamicweb CEO, Christian Beer, and Danish Agro D365 consultant, Thava Sabanathan, are hosting a webinar with guest speaker Forrester Analyst Amanda LeClair to share insights about:

  • How PIM can support growth and new revenue streams
  • The rising expectations of customers for Ecommerce
  • How product data impacts customer experience
  • Direct learnings for when starting an Ecommerce project

Combining three important perspectives: Theory, practice, and technology
By joining forces, they’ll present a 360 view of PIM and Ecommerce as guest speaker Forrester Analyst Amanda LeClair shares recent research, Thava presents how Danish Agro, a global company, is managing 15 B2B & B2C Ecommerce sites through one platform. Lastly, Christian Beer goes deeper into how a Digital Experience Platform enables you to deliver a better digital customer experience and scale ecommerce success.

“We’re overly excited to host this webinar with Danish Agro inviting Forrester as guest speaker. Together, we represent and share knowledge about how to stay competitive in the modern ecommerce market – both from a theoretical, practical and technological perspective.” Enthusiast Christian Beer, CEO of Dynamicweb.

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