Edge Marketing Announces Strategic Partnership with firstlight

Edge Marketing, a US-based public relations and marketing firm Announces Strategic Partnership with UK-based firstlight, Increasing International Services
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Edge Marketing, a US-based public relations and marketing firm serving the requirements of organizations in the legal and accounting industries, announced today a strategic partnership with firstlight. London-based firstlight delivers growth-enhancing senior-led, strategic and creative communications across a range of sectors that span legal, accountancy, professional and financial services martech news. Edge Marketing and firstlight will work together to service clients that require marketing and public relations services in both the US and the UK.

From 2007, Edge has provided services to its legal and accounting industry customers targeting the UK market by leveraging agency expertise and strategic partners. This partnership solidifies Edge’s commitment to increasing its international presence beyond the UK to expanded markets through additional strategic partnerships. International partnerships not only afford Edge clients access to global markets but also strengthens its global services by leveraging its partners’ experience, relationships, proven procedures, and protocols as well as their professional teams martech.

Amy Juers, MBA, CEO of Edge Marketing stated that “Our corporate strategy has always been to find and leverage the talent of professionals within our industry to help clients achieve their marketing and public relations goals. Just as Edge has added top-notch personnel to its team over the years to master emerging trend marketing and public relations tactics, it is now turning to partners like firstlight to fulfill increased demand in for services beyond the US. Because firstlight has the same vision, passion and drive as Edge, this is a perfect partnership to kick off our increased global expansion.”

Paul Davies, founder and managing director at firstlight, added that “Everything we do is geared towards driving business growth for our clients, whether that’s helping them to acquire new customers, engage new audiences or grow their influence. But today’s borderless brands are increasingly looking for smart, hungry agency partners with the skills and ability to meet their challenges across multiple markets – particularly in the legal and accounting industries. That’s why we’ve built an affiliate network of trusted partners that align with our values – and we’re really excited to add Edge Marketing to the mix.”

Edge Marketing and firstlight’s strategic partnership is designed to remove the significant challenges that are typically present when clients want to reach markets beyond their home country’s boundaries. Clients that leverage Edge and firstlight’s partnership will experience the following:

  • Localization of messaging and content that will resonate with each respective market and each respective buyer
  • Cognizant and strategic cross-border marketing and public relations services that take into consideration the target audience, the legal system, culture, and language
  • Increased resources and expanded knowledge of the global market
  • Leveling the playing field against established players in the global market
  • The ability to compete against larger multinational enterprises with a broader reach
  • Critical resource and budget management when running in the race to exploit market expansion
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