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Energyhill Expands Global Multilingualism as Google Trends Point to International Search as Data Majority


Florida-based creative marketing company Energyhill has launched digital campaign initiatives for US based companies seeking a global customer base. The competitive advantages a company gains are timely. Google translate and other tools are viable options, however, these are not options for companies wanting to relate to and build relationships with global partners. Companies that add multilingual components to their marketing initiatives, will gain the benefit of over 50% of search results, and reach audiences in their native language.

Languages in Demand for Businesses

Depending on the creative marketing initiatives and overall corporate goals the languages targeted could vary. Currently the most sought after languages in the US are English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese. In the UK German, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Companies and organizations need to examine their goals and logistical feasibility in making decisions based on their multilingual strategy.

Energyhill’s Approach to Multilingualism

Dr. Ryan E. Lowe leads Energyhill ( as President and Business Developer. Dr. Lowe has been the creative marketing lead for global brands and as an award-winning leader in the digital space, he sees the leveraging of creative marketing for multilingual organization as a key differentiator. “The last decade has brought about integrations; however, at some point convenience overtook language. The inference of meaning is now an afterthought. This will change over the next decade as cultures blend, but relationships between organizations will continue to be made with respect to the cultures of the partnering organizations,” Dr. Lowe said. “Creatively businesses and organizations can reach a global audience, but building a relationship is still paramount.”

Multilingual Manufacturing Company

U.S. Bridge ( recently partnered with Energyhill to help reach Puerto Rico, after the country suffered devastation from Hurricane Maria. By taking a multilingual approach to their marketing and website strategy, U.S. Bridge is now able to reach an entire market from their headquarters in Ohio. As a bridge manufacturing company they already had a global presence, but the market is now being reached in their native language. “Google translate is fine, but having native language translation is showing the care that companies like U.S. Bridge take, in building bridges… and relationships on a global scale,” Dr. Lowe said.

About Energyhill

Energyhill is a creative marketing company that helps plan and enable the growth of organizations’ return on investment. By leveraging technology and linguistics, Energyhill gives companies opportunities and insights into marketing initiatives.

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Shen, L. (2018). Multilingualism in International Business. Applied Psycholinguistics and Multilingual Cognition in Human Creativity, 178–206.

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