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Forward Vision Marketing Sponsors Robotics Teams

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Technology B2B marketing agency seeks to inspire the next generation to pursue STEM related fields by promoting the exciting opportunities STEM has to offer

Forward Vision LLC, a Dallas based full-service marketing agency specializing in the wireless business-to-business marketplace, believes it is their duty to support and inspire future innovators. One way Forward Vision has demonstrated this commitment is by sponsoring robotics teams, whose members are among the best and brightest that today’s youth has to offer.

In 2019, Forward Vision supported the efforts of both the Rockwall Robotics and Allen High School Robotics teams. These teams have excelled during the course of the year, with both groups going to the FIRST Robotics World Championship and competing in the high school division.

Companies like Forward Vision sponsor these teams because they foster the best type of competition. Robotics groups encourage both male and female students to combine their math, science, engineering and technology skills to create competitive robots that can perform impressive tasks. These students learn skills that allow them to excel as innovators in high school, college and their future professions. It’s not an overstatement to say that the future of the world depends on continuing innovation in engineering and science.

The exciting 2019 season is not over yet because the STEMgals tournament is almost here. Scheduled for October 11-13, STEMgals encourages young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) where they are now woefully under-represented. In fact, only 25% of STEM jobs are filled by women. That statistic reflects a lack of support for young women to pursue these interests. Fortunately, the STEMgals tournament is a way to get more girls involved in robotics early, leading to more women choosing these career areas.

Forward Vision has a passion for STEM. In fact, the company was founded by engineers to help other engineers of all genders. The company is a full-service marketing agency that embraces wireless technology and other technological breakthroughs. As a highly skilled staff of engineers turned marketers, they understand the need for future female innovators.
“I was motivated to become an engineer due to the encouragement of high school teachers and camps, so I feel the need to pay it forward to the next generation,” said Kelly Stark, founder of Forward Vision. “I see sponsoring robotics and STEM programs as an excellent way to make progress.”

Forward Vision encourages the public to support the STEMgals tournament, which will be held at Utley Middle School, located at 1201 TL Townsend Drive, Rockwall, Texas, on October 11-13.

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