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FullStory Unlocks New Value from DXI at Spark 2022


FullStory clients can now easily extend powerful DXI data and insights into new workflows, applications, and channels to speed alignment and action — and grow DXI expertise via the new FullStory Community

Spark, The DXI Conference — FullStory, the leader in digital experience intelligence (DXI), today unveiled a full range of technology features and resources that help companies get more value out of DXI data by bringing it to more teams and roles across the organization. These innovations, including the FullStory Community launched today, deepen and extend FullStory’s powerful DXI insights to new areas including data science, sales, marketing, and customer support. Now cross-functional teams can make better, faster decisions together based on a robust understanding of  ‘what’ customers are doing and ‘why’ in order to drive digital growth and transformation.

“Some of the most innovative digital experiences and products in the world are built by technical teams who rely on FullStory every day to understand and empathize with their users,” said Scott Voigt, CEO of FullStory. “But DXI isn’t just for product, analytics, or UX pros. DX data can and should unlock value across the entire organization. We’ve been working hard over the past year to add features, functionality, and a brand new community to do just that — expand the power of the FullStory platform to solve new challenges with our DXI data.”

“FullStory has changed the way we work. We’ve gotten so much value out of the tool across teams, from our Business Intelligence team using Data Export to enrich their data models, to being able to quantify the impact of pain points on our site, to facilitating communication between customer support and product,” said Matthew LeGare, Vice President of Digital, Younique Products, a $1 billion beauty brand. “It’s been a game-changer and we love it.”

DXI for All @ Spark: Technology Innovation

FullStory’s unique approach blends autocapture plus instrumentation to deliver quantitative and qualitative insights that address key challenges, opportunities, and ‘unknown unknowns’ in digital experiences. FullStory has continuously delivered new DXI innovations and ecosystem enhancements over the past year, and today launched FullStory’s embedded session replay for Qualtrics to let joint customers quickly understand and take action on pressing digital experience issues surfaced from direct customer feedback.

FullStory is the first and only DXI platform to provide companies with a complete, retroactive, and indexed dataset of their customers’ digital behavioral signals across web and mobile. This foundational DX data can be easily integrated and extended to eliminate silos and enrich existing workflows and insights. Today, FullStory introduced a slate of new product features that help teams across the organization understand the holistic customer journey:

  • Server Side Events: Server Side APIs allow clients to fully understand today’s non-linear, omnichannel customer experiences. Companies can easily reconcile data held in third-party systems to gain a complete picture of their customer’s interactions leading up to a conversion — all within FullStory — to improve hybrid shopping, marketing, customer support, CRM, and more.
  • Data Destinations: Data Destinations seamlessly syncs FullStory’s data into a customer’s data warehouse, like Snowflake or Google BigQuery – no engineering resources required. FullStory is the only DXI platform to sync full capture and instrumented event data from all platforms directly into a customer’s data warehouse for deeper analysis and custom modeling.
  • SwiftUI Support: FullStory is the leading DXI platform in supporting all apps developed by SwiftUI, Apple’s newest mobile UI development framework. Customers using FullStory for Mobile Apps can stay at the forefront of app development without sacrificing critical DXI, privacy, or performance.

DXI for All @ Spark: The FullStory Community Launch

The FullStory Community brings together DXI enthusiasts around the globe to create the next generation of digital experiences together. Now, leaders and practitioners can collaborate and solve challenges together and easily discover FullStory tips, tricks, and best practices. Skill-building discussions and events equip members to perfect their craft alongside other DXI experts.

The community is open to all FullStory users at and provides access to:

  • Online Discussion Forums: Ask FullStory questions and find answers immediately.
  • Coffee Connects: Meet other FullStory users in discussion threads or 1:1 meetups to expand your network and chat about all things DXI.
  • Product Updates: Learn about the latest and greatest from FullStory, plus exclusive Alpha & Beta testing opportunities.
  • Success Resources: Use the Community to access & search all FullStory resources in one place (such as knowledge base articles, training videos, certification courses, and more).

“DXI is a catalyst for customer-centric, organization-wide innovation,” said Darlene Miranda, VP, Product Management, UX Design and Research, DailyPay. “For a company like DailyPay, which puts users at the center of everything we do, FullStory’s products provide a connected ecosystem that drives even better customer intimacy and service. The FullStory Community also allows our teams to tap the expertise of FullStory and DXI leaders, and continues year-round the connections and collaboration fostered at Spark to deliver digital experiences that stand out for our customers and partners.”

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