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GBK Collective Appoints Dan Yavorsky

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GBK Collective, a leading marketing strategy, consumer behavior, and analytics consultancy, today announced that Dan Yavorsky, PhD, has joined as Senior Vice President, Analytics and Marketing Science. Yavorsky brings more than 10 years of analytics and consulting experience including strategic management at Bain & Company working with leading brands across categories including consumer packaged goods, health care products, and media and entertainment. Prior to Bain, Dan provided analytics support as part of Cornerstone Research’s corporate litigation practice.

“At GBK, we pride ourselves on bringing the world’s top academic experts, analytics and marketing talent together to help brands solve business problems in high definition,” said GBK co-founder Eric Bradlow, who is also Vice Dean of Analytics and Chairperson of Wharton’s Marketing Department. “Dan’s expertise with advanced statistical methods further builds on our strength as we continue to strive with client partners to improve ROI and decision making through predictive analytics and measurement.”

Dan holds a PhD in quantitative marketing and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. His research interests lie at the intersection of marketing and statistics, and include econometrics, Bayesian modeling, and causal inference, often with the purpose of measuring consumer preferences to inform strategic business decisions. Key work from his dissertation is published in the journal Quantitative Marketing and Economics.

In his new role, Yavorsky will oversee GBK’s analytics & marketing science practice, advising clients in the areas of customer segmentation, choice modeling, customer lifetime value, brand equity, marketing attribution and marketing mix modeling, among other areas. In addition to his work as consulting and analytics executive, Dan teaches courses on customer analytics at UCSD and UCLA business schools at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

“My passion and experience has always centered around applying data, insights, and statistical methods to empower businesses to make smarter decisions,” said Yavorsky. “I joined GBK Collective to not only double down on my passion for working with client partners to solve some of their most pressing problems, but also for the opportunity to combine leading academic thought and real-world expertise to create custom solutions, which is one of the unique differentiators of GBK.”

Yavorsky’s appointment is the latest in a series of key hires by GBK Collective with other recent additions including Rob da Silva, Executive Vice President, Research & Insights; Sabrina Godbout, Senior Director, Research & Insights; Wharton Professor Americus Reed, II; Kim Whitler, Sr. Associate Professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, among others. Headquartered in New York, GBK continues to build momentum, working with Fortune 500 companies across categories to apply better data, insights and advanced methodologies to develop custom solutions to a wide range of business problems.

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