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Going Beyond With AndBeyond.Media

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AndBeyond.Media, the world’s leading on-demand digital media group serving over 1 billion MM ad experiences has made a remarkable beginning to 2018 by moving into a sparkling new address and a recently launched business called WORD that offers Influencer Marketing.

Karan GuptaCEOAndBeyond.Media, says, “I’m excited about the new office, not only is it a cool space with a number of instagrammable spots, it makes for great collaboration and teamwork with its open space culture. With the energy of all different business units and their respective teams under one roof, deeper collaboration between our teams is possible.”

The future of workplaces typically has revolutionary designs, however it is a time of profound change in how design supports work in all forms. Mammoth changes, including a younger workforce and the innovation-driven nature of business, brought about the AndBeyond.Media office in Mumbai’s Andheri has been divided into two zones – the working area and the breakout area with an office that does not necessarily have to be about a desk and computer. It can be about casual seating, an ‘at home’ vibe, and bursts of colour.

Dharika Merchant, PresidentAndBeyond.Media mentions, “Our aim was to create a vibrant, atypical, and quirky office space for the young leaders and their super efficient teams enabling them to shower their energy into the workspace with the inspiration around them not only being work driven, but also workspace driven.”

“Moving to a new office was not the only milestone for us this year, we also launched a new business called WORD,which is an Influencer Marketing agency that placed us well in a new domain,” added Dharika Merchant. “‘WORD is an Influencer Marketing agency with an integrated platform that offers brands to connect with their audiences via Influential voices across Social Media. With this offering to brands and content creators, our business leverages not only our content studio, but also a futuristic channel to reach consumers for emotional to transactional communication.”

“At AndBeyond.Media, we never stop innovating or spreading our wings to explore the unknown with the might of our network and technology. Offerings like ‘WORD’ are here to build a mark amongst brands & influencers globally for the next-gen audiences at scale,” adds Pankil MehtaCBO, AndBeyond.Media, impressing upon the superior technological capabilities that our platforms are built on.

AndBeyond.Media is a firm believer in the power of technology and scale via programmatic channels. Adding yet another feather to its suite of bespoke technology and video content solutions, the company is focused on driving quality engagement in its offerings of the future that will not only compliment other businesses but also help drive growth in new avenues of Digital.

About AndBeyond.Media:

Founded in March 2015, AndBeyond.Media is a group that caters to Brands, Media Publications & Content Creators globally offering Digital Media Monetisation, Holistic Video Content & New Age Brand Solutions with technology at its epicentre delivered at scale. AndBeyond.Media has offices across the USA, UAE and India working with 500+ premium advertisers and publishers from all around the world.

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