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Taming the Big Data Beast for Customer Engagement – Resulticks Marketing Mavericks Summit 2018

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Marketers and technologists from across India gathered at ITC Maratha, Mumbai, on November 1, 2018, at the Marketing Mavericks summit hosted by Resulticks, for an in-depth, high-level exploration of today’s most critical data challenges and next-generation marketing solutions.

The half-day, invitation-only summit, titled ‘Taming the Beast: Big Data and Customer Engagement’, opened with a keynote by Mani Gopalaratnam, Chief Technologist at DXC Technology. Participants then moved to panel discussions featuring marketing mavericks from some of the leading brands in India and beyond.

Panelists included Ravi Santhanam, CMO, HDFC Bank; Narayanan Raman, Associate VP, Bharat Matrimony; Dinesh Menon, CMO, SBI Bank and Raghuvesh Sarup, CMO India, Microsoft, a Resulticks partner.

To a highly engaged audience, the panelists shared expert insights, exchanged industry-leading success stories, and demystified the hype and realities of data-driven customer engagement strategies, blockchain technology, AI and machine learning, data privacy, and the future of digital marketing.

“The Marketing Mavericks summit brings together leaders who are pushing the limits of what’s possible in digital marketing right now,” said Redickaa Subrammanian, Co-founder and CEO at Resulticks. “The excellent response proves there’s a real need for solutions that translate big data cybersecurity into tailored, omnichannel customer experiences in real time.”

For more information about the Resulticks Marketing Mavericks Summit and additional resources, please click here.

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