GoodFirms Research Spotlights Six Influencer Marketing Trends

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In a few years, the influencer marketing industry is rising and overwhelming. For the same reason, brands are spending more on various marketing tactics, including influencers, to leverage it to generate solid leads and more sales for their business.

The Top Influencer Marketing Agencies are helping the brands to stay connected with their consumers. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the influencers have opened a new window for the brands, enterprises, startups, and even small businesses to produce cost-effective content and communicate with their target audience.

Recent era, due to the demand for influencer marketing, there has been a rapidly-growing network of mid-level and micro-influencers. Influencers are characterized by many loyal and dedicated social media followers who collaborate with them to promote products and services of sectors of businesses.

The trend of influencer marketing was remarkable in the last years, but now the brands are concerned about the latest trends in 2021. Thus a survey conducted by GoodFirms, “6 Influencer Marketing Trends To Keep Tabs on in 2021,” has highlighted the several significant points to be acknowledged by brands to pick the best influencers.

Several factors have been listed out in the study, 69.2% goes for the engagement rates, 53.8% types of followers, 52.3% Content Quality & Style, 30.8% Shared Values, 24.6% no. of Followers, 23.1% Theme of influencer’s account, 18.5% Industry Experience, 16.9% of Geographic Location and 6.2% frequency of Sponsored Content. These are the main deciding factors when the brands need to select the right influencer.

Apart from this, the study covers the challenges brands face with influencers, what type of influencers will get high ROI for a particular niche, Six different influencer marketing trends to observe and follow. This research done by GoodFirms, surveyed 82 marketing professionals to perceive the influencer marketing trends to pick the right influencer for the brand for marketing their business for customer acquisition.

Globally, recognized B2B is a leading research, ratings, and reviews platform. It builds a bridge for the service seekers to connect them with the best companies that fit their budget and needs. GoodFirms team conducts a strict research methodology to analyze each firm and list them in the top companies.

The research process includes three main key factors that are Quality, Reliability, and Ability. These elements are segregated into several parameters to assess all the agencies, such as determining the years of experience in their expertise area, verifying the past and present portfolio, checking the online presence, and client reviews.

Thus, considering these measures, every firm is provided with a set of out of a total of 60. Therefore, according to these points, all the agencies are listed in the catalog of top companies, best software, and other firms from various industries. The businesses can also connect with the Top Digital Marketing Companies to promote products and services and improve ROI.

Additionally, GoodFirms boost the companies to come forward and engage in the research to Get Listed in top companies. After getting listed, the service providers can present strong proof of their work and experience to grab this opportunity. Obtaining a position at GoodFirms in the list of best companies can help the service providers to attract new prospects, enhance productivity and earn good profit.

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