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Google Widevine Adds Intertrust whiteCryption for Tamper Resistance

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Intertrust today announced that its subsidiary, whiteCryption®, has been selected by Google to provide tamper resistance and application shielding for selected media services on the Google Widevine DRM platform.

whiteCryption, a controlled subsidiary of Intertrust, provides advanced security capabilities that allow users to protect software from reverse engineering or malicious tampering and help create protected processing environments for software operating in threat-prone environments. whiteCryption has one of the world’s most advanced code obfuscation and white-box cryptography algorithms, and is backed by one of the world’s top research and development teams in this area martech news.

“We’ve spent decades perfecting software self-defense technologies that are superior to any others we know about,” said Robert E. Tarjan, senior research fellow at Intertrust. “Our research teams continue to innovate and push the envelope against present and future threats.”

whiteCryption is used by media service providers, banks and financial services companies, and a variety of automakers and health technology providers globally. Its selection by Google Widevine is a major design win and takes its deployment to new levels.

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