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AppsFlyer Protect360 Saves Fetch Rewards $750K Annually on Fraud

Real-time and post-attribution fraud detection from AppsFlyer allowed Fetch Rewards to run user-acquisition campaigns at scale without fear of malicious actors
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AppsFlyer, the global attribution leader, released a study today showing how Fetch Rewards, the number-one mobile grocery rewards platform, turned to AppsFlyer’s Protect360 product to adopt a diversified campaign strategy and mitigate against fraud without sacrificing quality martech news.

“Diversifying gave us more exposure to a high volume of installs, but at that scale it became difficult to tell what was a true install, and what was actually going to impact the business,” said Krishnan Menon, Vice President of Growth Marketing, Fetch Rewards. “Through the use of AppsFlyer Protect360, we can proactively ensure everyone is referencing the same information, allowing us to run campaigns at scale without fear of fraud.”

Shopping apps are at higher risk for fraud, with a 56% fraud rate as compared to 22% for all other app types. Through Protect360’s real-time and post-attribution fraud detection, Fetch Rewards only paid for legitimate installs and Protect360’s custom Click-to-Install Times (CTIT) setup meant that the fraud-detection rules could be configured to reflect their app’s unique exact time-to-download and install requirements, providing protection against even the most sophisticated fraudulent bot behavior.

“Brands need to be able to scale without the fear of paying for fraudulent installs,” said Vrushali Khatav, Vice President Client Services, AppsFlyer. “Through AppsFlyer, companies are able to employ growth strategies that deliver robust results and utilize access to comprehensive data and insights so they can mitigate against ad fraud in a productive and efficient way.”

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