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Halloween Songs Rhythm You Need to Tune Into

Choose your speakers from your martech stack, Turn Up the volumes of your marketing strategies & Play Halloween Marketing Songs! It's time to dance now!!!
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The spookiest time of the year is almost here, with chilled air and longer darkness, which means it’s Halloween 2020, and it’s time to start preparing for the Halloween party! You might have already started baking Halloween Cupcakes, and brewing some festive cocktails, lined up with Halloween movies, and most importantly Halloween costumes, but to really set the mood, you obviously need a goblin approved Halloween Songs Playlist. From rhythms about the devil to the tunes about the living dead to tales of monsters dancing the night away, Halloween songs are killer.

Are you already ready with your Halloween Songs Playlist for Marketing? No?… Don’t worry, we have already made one for you. Our playlist consists of the most spookiest Halloween Songs that will set the mood for your marketing strategies through various marketing verticals such as social media marketing, Adtech, SEO, etc. Plug-in your speakers, Volume Up, Let’s play the Halloween Songs.

Monster Mash –Bobby (Boris) Pickett

There cannot be a Halloween Party or even a Halloween Marketing without playing Monster Mash.  It is an absolute Halloween classic! And even in marketing, one of the ideal methods is recognizing the best marketing strategies of the past and mashing them together to make a perfect marketing strategy. You can mix different things of your numerous “best” strategies to make one for this festive season For example, you can select a part of the content marketing of a strategy and social media marketing methods of another strategy to develop one strategy. This sprinkle of goodness will for sure become the top tune of this holiday season.

Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

Who’s watching

Tell me who’s watching

Who’s watching me!!!

Well Your Prospects are…Almost Always! It’s a symbiotic relationship after all!

Your presence on social media is very crucial for your brand building and it is constantly being watched by your audience. For that matter, even your website is consistently visited by your audience, so you need to put stuff that engages them more. You can’t afford to make any kind of mistake there. You should always be very creative with your posts, especially on social media platforms. As we know, presently social media stories and social media feeds are the sections that attract the maximum attention of the audience, so try to gain maximum traffic from these sections.

As I said, you can’t make any kind of mistake at any cost, this statement reminded me about a blunder made by a retail business giant Walmart. In 2014, Walmart’s web team was set loose on naming their new ‘plus-size’ Halloween costume category and went ahead with calling it ‘Fat Girl Costumes’. This name created a huge backlash against Walmart on social media. Walmart quickly had to respond to this situation, by releasing the statement “This never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again.” This was a huge blunder by a retail and eCommerce giant which led to the negative promotion of the company and also affected their brand image.

Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo

The golden rule for a successful marketing strategy is to stop ‘Walkin’ with a dead man over your shoulder’ and instead take efforts to either revive it by combining the best of both the worlds, or atleast sieving the worst from all these redundant worlds.

Even a dead strategy has few good things to offer so, open the coffin and bring your dead marketing and ad strategies out to rework and revive them. Keep the good parts, and change the things that were the reasons behind the failure of that particular strategy. This will give you a new strategy with the least investment and effort. Even the smallest gains from these strategies will add something instead of nothing to your business. After all, sieving out the best from the waste is always a good idea.

Spooky Scary Skeletons – Andrew Gold

Check for spooky scary skeletons such as spammy links, broken links on your website, and social media. These links are of no use for your website as well as your social media, moreover, they have an adverse effect on your SERP ranking. These links on social media don’t generate anything for you and also affects your brand advocacy amongst your social media followers.

Also, don’t spam anyone while social media marketing or email marketing, as it gives birth to huge negative sentiments in the individuals who are spammed.

This festival season, let go of these spooky scary skeletons and bring in your Halloween Pumpkin Pie to devour and relish a decadent treat !

Let’s Dance

Seasonal events like Halloween are a great opportunity for marketers to tie creative campaigns in. Festival Period is almost here, start planning and scheduling your seasonal marketing campaign as soon as possible so that during the most haunting night of the year, you can switch to your Halloween songs playlist, turn the volume up, and dance, instead of being frighteningly swamped.

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