Marketing Automation Expands Enterprise Ecosystem with Conversation Intelligence API

New enterprise integrations deliver critical business insights and drive customer-centric decision-making
marketing automation, the No. 1 Conversation Intelligence Platform for high growth Revenue teams, announced a major step toward bringing the power of Conversation Intelligence (CI) to every enterprise system, including a new API and integrations for Zapier and Slack. These product enhancements bring the power of CI into business intelligence tools like Tableau, Mode Analytics, and Looker, and workflows used by world-class Revenue teams today, allowing them to harness the voice of the customer and deep conversation insights within their own ecosystems.

Industry Research Firm, TOPO, encourages sales teams to adopt CI early, “Conversation intelligence leads the market in impact and experience benefitting from relatively low requirements for adoption and offers instant value from visibility into buyer conversations.”

“Our ability to seamlessly bring the voice of the customer to every system and every decision, enables companies to transform into next-level customer-centric operations,” said Jim Benton, CEO of “This deep innovation in driving an open ecosystem reflects our continued investment in our platform and helping our customers leverage CI across the entire customer journey.”

With this announcement, Chorus’ offerings now include:

  • A Conversation Intelligence API providing flexibility for users to build on Chorus’ existing offering of the most advanced outcome-based analytics. CI is leveraged across the entire organization by extracting data or extending it into other tools such as a CRM or BI platform. This relevant engagement deepens analysis on overall team performance and helps Revenue leaders uncover areas of opportunities.
  • A Zapier integration, where unique triggers and actions or repetitive tasks are easily automated to drive productivity on what actually matters. Insights can be proactively pushed to revenue leaders, alerting them of key moments such as when a deal risk has been flagged on a call or a rep not adhering to the sales process.
  • A native Slack integration that seamlessly enables recordings and snippets of voice of the customer insights for collaborative workflows. This allows the entire organization to benefit from the power of Chorus in the systems they already use daily.
  • And, more recently announced, Chorus is a featured launch partner for Zoom Video Communications, Inc., for the new Zapps marketplace, to deliver real-time relationship intelligence in virtual meetings. This partnership deepens Chorus’ ties with Zoom. Chorus was the first CI platform to launch a native integration with the leader in web conferencing.

Customers like Mode Analytics are already harnessing the power of CI across daily routines to keep customers happy and successful. “Having Chorus data pushed into our everyday Mode dashboards gives us one source of truth to what’s happening in each account, and enables us to report on data in ways that just weren’t possible before. We’re able to bring the voice of the customer back to our entire organization. It’s been a game-changer,” said Lizz Harrell, VP of Customer Success at Mode.

“Enterprises are only beginning to tap into the capabilities of Conversation Intelligence and these updates help make the potential a reality. Our API and Zapier integration, along with the upcoming Zapps launch, will help our customers further unlock the power of deep, actionable insights across teams through business calls, meetings and emails,” said Dominik Facher, VP Product and Engineering at “There is a wealth of opportunity available for customers to more seamlessly take advantage of insights and understand the business-criticality of relationships today, whether bolstering current workflows or developing new ones across the organization.”

These new innovations are only the latest product enhancements from Chorus. In September, the company also launched a new patent to the portfolio. Each new tool and company milestone set Chorus at the forefront of the CI industry by providing the information and guidance needed to drive team performance, prevent revenue risks and make better strategic decisions.

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