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How Data Visualization Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Data visualization is a proven technique that helps businesses deliver data in the most effective way. Discover how it can enhance your digital marketing strategy!
Digital Marketing Strategy

With so much information available, it is very difficult for businesses to analyze data in the business world today. In order to interpret this data easily, we must have ways to paint this picture for simple understanding. And that’s when data visualization comes into the picture. Data visualization gives businesses a clear picture of what the information means through creative way of maps and graphs. This technique allows businesses to easily identify trends, patterns, and outliers within large data sets that are easily understandable to the human mind. 

Data visualization is a proven technique, which can help businesses deliver data in the most effective way possible. Apart from identifying trends, it can help businesses to improve in the areas that require focus and concentrate on factors like customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Such a technique can enhance the sales volume and future growth of the company. 

Hence, we can surely say that data visualization can make a big difference to the company’s digital marketing strategy. So without further ado, let’s dive and check how to use data visualization techniques to reap the benefits through an enhanced digital marketing strategy.

  • Gaining a Better Understanding of Customers

The first and foremost step is to utilize the client demographic information and create a buyer persona. Additionally, businesses have to have a better understanding of where to find new leads online. Diving into social analytics, businesses can find which leads magnets can work the best for them and also what time of the day or day of the week is the most effective for posting and getting traction. Visualizing this data in different ways like charts and graphs helps businesses to get access to insights and numbers a lot easier.

  • Creating Sharable Content

It is time and again noticed that infographics, whitepapers, and custom images help gain traction on social media posts. By taking the latest data available from the survey reports, businesses can turn it into an image that can be further shared on social media helping to portray businesses as an authority. For more enhanced results, companies can tailor content towards their own industry making them share insights on industry trends.

For instance,  businesses that sell automation software can consider creating infographics that help their audience understand how automation works and helps save time. Or, businesses that are into insolvency can have creatives with statistics from clients who have gotten themselves out of debt meaning, an infographic that provides visuals of how much debt they were in, how long it took them to get solvent, the debt management option they chose, and much more (of course keeping the required confidentiality).

  • Making the Website More Engaging

By adding visuals to your business websites, companies can make themselves stand out in the competitive atmosphere. Breaking up text, making creatives, and showing data statistics in fresh and new ways will only add the cherry on the cake. If businesses have their clients globally spread, creating a scatter map can illustrate that very well. Similar to social media, creating infographic designs and using figures that are relevant to the company will help showcase a clear picture to the audience. This is one creative way to make business websites stand out from the crowd and increase engagement and retention rates. 

  • Impressing Prospects Using Statistics

Just posting data continually becomes monotonous for your website. But having a compelling storytelling methodology makes the data more convincing and is an effective way to hook and convert leads.

Businesses are surprised by the amount of information they can use by putting in a creative aspect.

For example, businesses use in-house sales data, they converted 12 out of 15 new leads a month prior. This particular like can be presented in a more compelling manner– 80% of prospect leads chose the company or its product. It could act as a great marketing stat to represent your business content. 

Or for instance, businesses are opting for customer research and notice that the clients are predominantly millennials. By having this knowledge, businesses can flip it into a marketing statistic and show their product popularity among that demographic. Additionally, feedback forms can also act as survey data, where you can portray the number or percentage of happy customers. 


There are various methods of improving your marketing strategy through data analysis and putting it in a visual form. But what has stopped businesses from taking advantage of it is the lack of time and know-how. If businesses opt for a digital marketing strategy they should be able to focus on the visuals as there are many solutions like outsourcing the graphics which will help the business scale in the long run. And the business that opted for collecting big data and converting it into visuals are thus sitting on goldmines of invaluable information.

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