Ignite Visibility Named the #1 SEO Agency In 2020 by Clutch.Co

San Diego-based Ignite Visibility has once again been named the #1 SEO Agency in the Nation by Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform
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Ignite Visibility has been named as the #1 SEO Agency in the Nation for the second year in a row by Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform martech news.

To build the annual list, Clutch reviewed over 28,000 companies in the SEO field and evaluated each based on reviews, market presence, and the ability to deliver reliable SEO results.

CEO and Co-Founder John Lincoln said that “This is such an exciting time for Ignite, and we’re incredibly honored to be recognized by Clutch for our work in SEO. We’re constantly striving to bring new strategies and deliver best-in-class results to our clients, which we’re able to do thanks to the hard work of our incredible team.”

There’s no doubt it’s been a big year for Ignite.

The company grew by 40% and increased its employee count to 89 full-time employees, all while continuing to deliver amazing results for its clients and overinvesting in client success.

“We look at clients like family and feel a sense of business partnership with each of them. One of our core values is to overinvest in each client’s success,” says Lincoln.

Ignite Visibility has recently made critical new hires, including a Head of Conversion Rate Optimization and Head of Customer Success. These two crucial roles were filled to strengthen Ignite’s investment in client happiness and success martech.

Ignite also unveiled a brand new operating system dubbed Ignite 4.0. This includes over 50 innovative digital marketing strategies for e-commerce, international, local, and news sites, as well as specific industry verticals such as medical, financial, auto, industry experts, and more.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Other notable achievements from Ignite include the release of a well-received Local Industry Study, which gave insight into local search habits. Additionally, Ignite developed a system to integrate directly with Google, which they’re calling the No Click Optimization System.

Other new developments include an integrated strategy that takes into account all marketing channels, including Google, Facebook, SEO, social media, push notifications, email, chat, and text messaging, designed to build specific audiences to interact with and market to in the future.

And, as Ignite’s SEO department continues to excel in the field, its paid media department is also experiencing rapid growth. The department now manages over $50 million in advertising spend and has developed a sophisticated return on ad spend (ROAS) system that integrates directly with search engine optimization rankings and content. This system is based on Ignite Visibility CEO John Lincoln’s new book, the Forecaster Method, which teaches businesses how to confidently scale marketing online.

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