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iKala Provides Google Cloud Marketing Analytics Solutions for EC Industry

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Drawing from its rich experience in data-driven marketing and digital transformation solutions, iKala has invented a Cloud for Marketing (C4M) strategic structure. Utilizing its Big Data Lake solution, and with Google Cloud’s powerful data analytics and AI technology at its core, iKala can help customers quickly implement four smart marketing strategies to efficiently complete their digital transformation, while increasing the revenue and value of the company brand.

Trust the Data: Four E-Commerce Marketing Tips from iKala

Strategy #1: Performance Ads

First, measure the quantitative result of every advertisement placed by establishing a media evaluation mechanism. Then, perform a multifaceted comprehensive evaluation that offers insight on the audience overlap of different media ads. By identifying which media platforms complement or detract from one another, it will raise the efficacy of the ad placements.

Strategy #2: Omni-Channel Customer Journey Optimization

Track the customer’s journey, improve their perceived value, and create a suitable user scenario. By tracking the consumer across multiple devices (whether it’s smart phone, tablet, or computer) in real-time, userscan gain insight on the customer’s behavior, and optimize the buyer’s journey. By recommending products in a customized scenario, it can dramatically decrease websites’ bounce rate, maximize conversion rate, and ultimately achieve the goal of increasing sales.

Strategy #3: Scenario-Oriented Recommendation

Gain insight on your client by improving customer intimacy. Utilize the process of feature engineering to build a precise profile of your customer. Construct a data mining model and predictive analytics model to better understand user habits, life cycles, retention and repurchase projections, etc. The ultimate goal is to build a long-term customer relationship by accurately grasping the principle of the 5 WsWho is your user group? When are they exposed to your message? What is the content of your message? Which part of your message takes top priority? Where will you place this message for users to see?

Strategy #4: AI Powered Persona for Contextual Marketing

Using machine learning to construct analytics and predictive models offers a more multifaceted view of the big picture. In the past, the RFM model was widely used. This model measures the recency, frequency, and monetary value of customer spending; however, a marketing strategy boxed in by these three dimensions fails to take other users’ behaviors into account, and so it may be inadequate to respond to market needs. Intelligent empowerment uses AI to enhance the model, allowing branded e-commerce companies to see a complete customer profile in real time, thus achieving the objective of precision marketing.

As Traffic Growth Tapers Off, Marketing Becomes More Fragmented

As the cost of digital advertising continues to rise, and more and more providers enter the market, internet users’ growth has not only slowed down, but the user population is also showing signs of shrinkage. The era when traffic growth could be boosted by the increasing number of people going online has officially come to an end. And there is more for digital marketing teams in branded e-commerce companies to fret about. As consumers gain access to an increasing number of different devices, they are inundated by information. Digital marketing campaigns are not just competing with one another; they must wrest the users’ attention from other distractions, such as social media. Fragmentary marketing data is spread across multiple channels. If these valuable puzzle pieces cannot be collected and cobbled together a complete story, the companies will never get a comprehensive picture of who they are selling to.

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Combine Technology with Creativity to Enhance Brand Experience

As digital marketing and the e-commerce industry continue to transform, marketing specialists must remain flexible and make full use of the latest technology. They must use analytics tools to better understand the customer, and they must deliver the right message to the right audience through diverse channels, so their creative marketing content could have the intended effect. Based on this concept, iKala has been successful in creating many products that combine technology with creativity. For instance, KOL Radar, the biggest internet influencer matchmaking platform in Taiwan, uses AI technology to optimize its influencer recommendation database. Conceived in Taiwan but operating in Southeast Asia, Shoplus is an online community e-commerce tool that uses intelligent chatbots to meet social sellers’ needs. StraaS is a commercial streaming service that combines cloud streaming with AI technology for audio and video application purposes. PicaaS uses AI deep-learning to automatically touch up photos. provides data analytics services for marketing. These are all examples of how an intimate brand experience for customers can be achieved with the support of cutting-edge technology.

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About iKala

iKala is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Technology Partner with over 40 data scientists and cloud technical specialists on its staff. It is certified as a “Google Cloud Infrastructure”, “Data Analytics” and “Marketing Analytics” partner. Helping over 270 enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region using Google Cloud to undergo digital transformation and develop applications for artificial intelligence. Its client base covers multiple industries, including e-commerce, media, finance, gaming, and digital advertisement.

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About iKala

iKala is a Human-centered AI company that provides Digital Transformation and Data-Driven Marketing solutions for enterprises. Its technology products and marketing services include Shoplus, KOL Radar,, StraaS, Picaas, and CloudAD. Headquartered in Taiwan and operates in SingaporeJapanThailandVietnam, and Hong Kong, iKala solutions are recognized and used by international brands, including Fortune 500 companies. Over 10,000 advertisers and brands are already using technology developed by iKala to engage in precision marketing. iKala is Google Cloud’s biggest partner in the Asia-Pacific region and a Facebook Global Marketing Solution Partner.

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