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InfoCision Improves Customer Satisfaction Using OnviSource

Intellecta™ from OnviSource Enables InfoCision to Discover Their Customers’ Sentiment, Trend and Behavior, as well as Improving First Call Resolution, Automating QA, and Optimizing Performance of Agents Working from Home
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OnviSource announced today that InfoCision, a leading provider of direct marketing solutions, has successfully deployed the cloud version of OnviSource’s Intellecta Advanced and Multichannel Analytics solution, and has achieved their desired outcome in three major areas of Intellecta applications for Big Data Management and Compliance, Workforce Optimization (WFO), and Customer Experience Management (CXM).

Intellecta unifies and transcribes InfoCision’s large volume of daily calls and interactions and has the ability to perform topical categorization of contents and manage compliances through redaction of user-defined sensitive data, even removing it from the original audio and text files.

The unified, categorized and compliant big data is then analyzed automatically by Intellecta to benefit InfoCision’s workforce and customer experience. A broad range of capabilities are offered by Intellecta to optimize the performance of InfoCision’s workforce, including automated and analytics-driven QA, compliance management, assurance of critical disclosures, first call resolution (FCR) improvement, the discovery of “red flags”, escalations and legal threats, automatic detection and identification of audio issues between agents and customers that have become a critical issue due to Work-From-Home (WFH) environments and more. All these capabilities are utilized by InfoCision to more effectively manage and optimize their in-office agents and those who work remotely from home.

Intellecta has also provided InfoCision with a range of capabilities that support its commitment to customer satisfaction and customer experience management. A large volume of customer interactions is analyzed by Intellecta to discover insightful information related to customer sentiment, behavior, and trends. The actionable knowledge is used by InfoCision to rapidly align its services with its customers’ demands and interests. InfoCision utilizes Intellecta as a cloud-SaaS solution to easily scale up or down and is able to perform analytics either on an automated and scheduled basis or using ad-hoc analysis.

“As a leading provider of direct marketing solutions, InfoCision always relies on the use of advanced technologies and data-driven business practices to maximize the benefits and satisfaction of its clients; as well as to optimize the performance of its workforce. Such initiatives became even more critical during the COVID-19 crisis with Work-From-Home employees and other challenges,” stated Michael White, Chief Technology Officer at InfoCision. “Intellecta analytics from OnviSource demonstrated its significant benefits before, and especially, during this crisis. Furthermore, OnviSource made their Intellecta solution work for our specific needs by offering their Advantage program free of charge, and they let InfoCision first see the benefits in all areas of our data management, WFO, and CXM.”

Intellecta is powered by OnviSource’s proprietary and multi-engine AI product, called iMachine™, offering conversational AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) capabilities. Customers can invoke iMachine for more complex analytics, in which case iMachine is trained with “training data” in order to perform the complex analytics. Complex methods and algorithms are also used by Intellecta to perform topical categorization, relevancy, and more.

“It is always a privilege to work with a highly sophisticated customer such as InfoCision where our solutions can be extensively exercised and tested for delivering benefits to complex problems,” said Brian Severson, VP of Product Management at OnviSource. “We are pleased to be part of InfoCision’s digital transformation strategy and their use of emerging technologies.”

Intellecta is one of the three components of OnviSource’s Hyperautomation Platform that integrates with Intellecta multichannel analytics, iMachine multi-engine AI consisting of Algorithmic AI, ML, and NLP/NLU; as well as Company’s Orchestra™ RPA to offer a true solution to Intelligent Automation applications developed by OnviSource.

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