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Insight-led Customer Engagement: Mapp wins Gold Stevie Award

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Mapp has won a Gold Stevie Award for Intelligence-based User Segments, a solution making it almost seamless to work between analytics and marketing activities within the digital marketing platform Mapp Cloud. Mapp was awarded in the category of Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution of the 17th Annual International Business Awards – known as the Stevie Awards – the world’s only international, all-encompassing business awards program.

Mapp received the award in recognition of its Intelligence-based User Segments, which is integrated into Mapp Cloud and provides a direct link between Mapp Intelligence, its AI-enabled customer analytics solution, and Mapp Engage, the cross-channel marketing solution. Customers can create smart user segments based on the data and insights available in Mapp Intelligence, including page views, product interactions, customer journey, and user attributes.

The insights provided by Mapp Intelligence allow user segments to be configured in just a few clicks. In the hands of Mapp Engage, these insights enable customers to send automated personalized marketing messages to end-users based on very specific characteristics. This capability can be activated across all channels.

Michael Diestelberg, Vice President, Product & Marketing at Mapp, comments: “It is a huge privilege to receive this highly respected Gold Stevie Award for Mapp’s Intelligence-based User Segments. We believe that this product enhancement represents a major step forward in Mapp Cloud’s position as the only solution needed by digital marketers to achieve true insight-led customer engagement, and so it is highly gratifying to receive this.”

Mapp Cloud is a leading solution for digital marketers to achieve insight-led customer engagement. With Mapp Cloud customers have the fastest way of turning reliable, data-supported insights into highly targeted marketing activities. Customers do not need any specific technical abilities to benefit from the precise segmentation and are able to achieve a greater degree of Return on Investment.

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