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iQuanti Predictive SEO Tool Granted USPTO Patent Approval

The ALPS platform uses proprietary data science and machine learning to build enterprise level search engine optimization roadmaps that deliver stronger ROI.
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iQuanti, a data-driven digital marketing firm, today announced that its predictive SEO tool, Analytics Led Platform for Search (ALPS), has received patent approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for predicting real-time changes in the organic search ranking of a website, enabling more effective SEO planning.

ALPS enables marketers to optimize their search strategy by forecasting the returns that SEO investments will generate. With ALPS, marketers can view the ranking and revenue impact of key SEO drivers – including content, authority, technical and social factors – in a single dashboard.

In addition to competitor performance benchmarking, ALPS will predict the organic rank of a URL before it goes live. The tool simulates the impact of content changes by analyzing how new or optimized content positively or negatively impacts existing keywords.

The ALPS scoring and simulation engine is the first of iQuanti’s four pending patent applications to receive approval. The patent reflects the singular focus of the ALPS algorithm on predicting how a page’s SEO performance will change with variations in the page’s content or backlink profile. This performance change is predicted in terms of rank, traffic, conversions and revenue.

“We are excited to gain approval for our ALPS technology patent application, which solidifies our position as an industry leader,” said Viswanatha Rachakonda, CEO, iQuanti. “This is a major milestone for iQuanti and our team has worked tirelessly to develop a unique offering that is proven to help brands increase their presence in organic search results exponentially.”

About iQuanti
iQuanti is a data-driven digital marketing firm that uses analytics and proprietary models to deliver high-performance marketing programs. With more than 10 years of experience, iQuanti turns consumer insights into actionable growth strategies for some of the nation’s largest companies. iQuanti’s proprietary ALPS tool leverages predictive modeling and algorithmic simulations to drive more effective client campaigns.

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