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JamLoop Selects Comscore’s Demographic Audiences for OTT & T.V

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Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, today announced it is partnering with JamLoop, the Connected TV (CTV) demand-side advertising platform that helps brands reach streaming TV audiences watching shows, movies, and live sports content with actionable, real-time transparency. The agreement solidifies Comscore as the leading provider for age and gender audiences across CTV campaigns on the JamLoop platform.

Under the agreement, Comscore’s age and gender audiences will help countless advertisers better reach their desired target audience on CTV through the JamLoop platform. CTV consumption continues to rise, and as a result, marketers have increasingly shifted media plans and campaign budgets to CTV. This partnership elevates the tools available to marketers to maximize CTV campaign performance.

“100% of the campaigns that JamLoop runs require demographic targeting,” said Leif Welch, Founder and CEO, JamLoop. “As media buyers shift their advertising budgets from traditional linear TV over to OTT/CTV, they are trying to replicate the audience targeting capabilities in the digital realm. Traditional TV has always been bought & sold using household-level audience targeting, starting primarily with demo segments. One of the advantages of OTT/CTV targeting is that it offers even more robust audience targeting capabilities above and beyond that (e.g behavioral, interest, psychographic, political affiliation, etc.), but it all starts with demo targeting at a minimum. Comscore has developed its brand as a leader in digital audience segmentation, and so that’s why we use Comscore as our go-to demo data partner.”

“While the popularity of streaming service advertising has skyrocketed, there are massive differences in underlying data quality and scale that can affect CTV campaign performance,” said Lee Blickstein, Vice President, Activation Solutions, Comscore. “Comscore’s multi-platform assets provide more data on consumer behavior and content consumption than any other provider of cross-platform data. This enables Comscore to assign demographics with precision at scale across CTV, and advertisers to deliver the reach and frequency needed to drive impact among key targets. We are thrilled to partner with JamLoop to advance CTV campaign performance, through their innovative platform.”

As a trusted partner, Comscore offers privacy-focused connected TV audience segments to help programmatic media buyers better reach key audiences and demographics.  These segments enable clients to deliver more relevant ad experiences to specific age and gender groups for improved campaign performance. To learn more, visit: or contact us today.

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