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Josh Chasin to take a Lead Role on the FutureSight Advisory Board

The board’s first mission will be to introduce select midmarket brands around the world to the only platform specifically designed to power their unique growth objectives and opportunities
Josh Chasin

FutureSightTM, a digital marketing analytics platform designed to empower midmarket brands to boost business outcomes, today announced that 30+ years of marketing, research, and audience engagement veteran Josh Chasin has been tapped to join its new advisory board. Now coming out of stealth mode in the midmarket, the FutureSight platform has been providing enterprise and larger midmarket brands with the insight, control, and capabilities they need to drive predictable outcomes and growth for over 5 years. Chasin will serve on the advisory board alongside Joy Baer, founder of Strata; Doug Knopper, founder of FreeWheel and Manu Mathew, founder of VisualIQ. The board’s first mission is to introduce the FutureSight platform to the precise midmarket brand leaders it was designed to serve.
Chasin most recently served as the Chief Measurability Officer of VideoAmp and is well known by many for his significant leadership at ComsScore, Arbitron, Simmons Market Research Bureau, and his own consultancy, Warp Speed Marketing. He is also the past President of the Market Research Council and received the esteemed Erwin Ephron Demystification Award.

FutureSight was created by Marilois Snowman and Jenna Umbrianna, two media experts who initially built the platform for enterprise and upper-mid market brands that used it to inform and execute predictable omnichannel channel campaigns that, on average, generated a 5-10% lift in ROI. Snowman and Umbrianna tapped Chasin, Baer, Knopper, and Mathew to lead FutureSight’s wider midmarket rollout because of the size and breadth of the market.

“We are truly privileged to have Josh and our esteemed members of the advisory board with us,” said Snowman, “Their wealth of experience and proven ability to achieve results is unmatched, and the primary objective of our board is to strategically pinpoint our market, empowering midmarket brands that have historically been overlooked. Our collective aim is to equip these brands with the tools they need to surpass expectations, enabling them to drive the growth they rightfully deserve.”

FutureSight was designed to serve midmarket brands that typically spend between $1M-$50M across digital advertising channels.

Said Umbrianna, “Many of the cutting-edge tools that modern companies are now routinely using to help them predictably succeed, have not been readily available to these marketers. So, in an increasingly regulated and cookie-free world, they have been navigating challenges with limited visibility.”

According to Chasin, “That’s about to change big time as FutureSight solves this for them by using the best of machine learning to tell them precisely where to invest to drive the best outcomes. By the end of this quarter, midmarket banks, auto retailers, furniture retailers, franchisees, and law practices will have access to the same level of sophisticated marketing analytics currently available to the largest national brands. FutureSight is democratizing MarSci for a whole new class of advertisers. Our formal launch will commit to that – so, stay tuned.”

Additionally, FutureSight was recently approved for inclusion in the Snowflake Marketplace, which will democratize access to the platform.

FutureSight’s formal launch is currently slated for later this quarter. In advance, FutureSight’s founders and Board of Advisors have been showcasing the platform to twenty brands it deems “ideal” for the platform, based on their size, modernity, and future growth potential.

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